ESPN’s Problematic Commentator Mark Jones Continues To Do And Say Weird Things On TV

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It’s the first real Saturday in college football this season. While that’s almost a 99% positive development, it does bring with it one problem: more Mark Jones and ESPN on our televisions.

OutKick’s Bobby Burack has documented the outrageous things that Mark Jones has said throughout the years, and we’ll list a couple of those headlines here:

You would think that insane and hateful commentary like this would get Jones barred from a national platform. But no, ESPN actually gave him a raise and a promotion.

On Saturday, ESPN aired the Michigan vs. Colorado St. game on ABC at noon, right after College GameDay. It was the biggest spot of the early window. And there was Mark Jones, thrust into the spotlight despite his dubious past.

Of course, you get what you pay for, so Mark Jones did Mark Jones things on the broadcast.

First, it was a bizarre interaction with his color commentator, Robert Griffin III.

Good stuff, Mark. Way to show how fun you are. Based on your past commentary, I’d bet you’re a blast to have at parties.

Mark Jones & ESPN don’t care about their audience

Later in the game, ESPN did a scoreboard on what is going on around the sports world. The featured several college football games, as well as the US Open.

Coming out of that, Jones felt now was the time to explain to us how great Serena Williams is.

Jones states that Williams is “the GOAT of tennis and arguably the best athlete of our time. NOT female. THE best athlete of our time.” (CAPS added by me for emphasis)

OK, so in the middle of watching the greatest sport in America, Jones delivers the message that Serena Williams is a far better athlete than any man.

Remember, this is the same Serena Williams who said in her prime that she would beat any male tennis player ranked outside the Top 200. The 203rd ranked player at the time — Karsten Braasch, not a household name for a reason — accepted her challenge, and whooped her. Then he whooped her sister, Venus.

Serena said after, “I hit shots that would have been winners on the Women’s Tour and he got to them easily.”

ESPN and Mark Jones really believe Serena Williams is better than all male athletes of this generation.
ESPN and Mark Jones really believe Serena Williams is better than all male athletes of this generation. (Photo by Jean Catuffe/Getty Images)

Braasch even remarked that he took it easy on the sisters, while still stomping them into the ground.

“We were just having a bit of fun. I took at least 50 percent off my serve,” Braasch said. “I came out with a few hard ones, but not too much because then it’s not fun anymore.”

Yeah, that’s how it works when you face players who are better than you. There’s a reason we put the word FEMALE or WOMAN in front of the sport you’re playing: BECAUSE THAT’S WHO YOU ARE COMPETING AGAINST! Well, at least it used to be.

This moment was a perfect encapsulation of the current state of ESPN. Left-wing nut job calling a major college football game, where the audience is mostly normal Americans who don’t buy into any of this nonsense.

The disconnect that Mark Jones and ESPN continue to show with their audience is astounding.

Written by Dan Zaksheske

Dan began his sports media career at ESPN, where he survived for nearly a decade. Once the Stockholm Syndrome cleared, he made his way to Outkick. He is secure enough in his masculinity to admit he is a cat-enthusiast with three cats, one of which is named “Brady” because his wife wishes she were married to Tom instead of him.


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