ESPN Interviewed Pantless XFL Player In The Locker Room

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ESPN made a very interesting broadcast decision during the D.C. Defenders/Seattle Sea Dragons game Sunday.

For some unknown reason, ESPN decided to interview Defenders QB Jordan Ta’amu in the locker room during halftime when he didn’t have his football pants on.

Then, to make it even weird, the camera panned down to his groin as he started getting dressed. Was it accidental? Almost certainly.

Was it still incredibly weird? No doubt at all.

What was ESPN thinking?

Look, strange things happen in locker rooms during sporting events. That’s just the nature of the beast. You have to anticipate some strange happenings from time to time.

However, this was just downright strange for so many different reasons. Not only did ESPN’s broadcast team think interviewing a guy without his football pants on was wise, but the camerawork was incredibly foolish.

ESPN just straight up let the camera linger on Ta’amu’s groin showing he didn’t have his football pants on. Did the cameraperson think they had already gone to a different feed?

ESPN broadcast camera shows Jordan Ta’amu without his football pants on. (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video

The XFL is certainly off to a fascinating start. Without even getting into the quality of play on the field, the antics off it have been unreal.

We have Tony Romo getting obliterated by an announcer and a QB getting interviewed while not fully dressed. The Rock truly had entertainment at the forefront of his mind when he brought the XFL back.

If this is what the XFL is going to be like all season long, fans are in for an absurd time in the best way possible. Next time, ESPN should just be a bit more selective with its camerawork. We don’t need all of America at home seeing that Jordan Ta’amu doesn’t have his gear on.

Written by David Hookstead

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