Emily Ratajkowski Follows Up Naked Valentine’s Day By Showing A Sneak Peek At Her Brand’s New Leopard Print Thong

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It’s been a busy week for Emily Ratajkowski. She’s hopped from one headline to the other before ending up in a thong promoting her brand.

The model and her current boyfriend, comedian Eric Andre, got things started earlier this week by stripping naked for Valentine’s Day. The nudes ended up on social media thanks to Andre posting them on Instagram with a caption that included several heart emojis along with his Happy Valentine’s Day message.

Emily Ratajkowski Naked Valentine's Day
Model Emily Ratajkowski attends the Kerastase Pop Party (Photo by Marc Piasecki/WireImage)

Earlier in the day on Thursday, Ratajkowski was handing out lesson on how to properly pronounce her name. According to the 31-year-old, her name is pronounced “Rat-Ah-Kof-Ska.”

I don’t know about you, but that’s more confusing then how we’ve all been mispronouncing it. As exciting as that is, she later topped that and her Valentine’s Day celebration with some good old fashioned marketing.

The marketing was for her brand’s newest addition to the product lineup. Given that the brand, Inamorata, launched as a swimwear line it makes sense that the new product would be a bikini.

In a sneak peek of her brand’s new look, Ratajkowski shows plenty of the line’s new bikini from behind. When the look features a thong that’s a smart move.

No Need For Ratajkowski To Hire A Model To Handle Promo Duties

The big reveal, whenever that happens, will presumably show more of the front of the product. Although, that will surely attract far less attention than what has already been revealed.

If Ratajkowski’s goal was to get attention, and of course it was, it worked. With almost 30 million followers it doesn’t take a lot to move the needle.

That doesn’t mean you can afford to implement a marketing strategy that isn’t going to bring the heat. If you want to do it right you do it yourself.

There’s no need for a model still in her prime to pass up the big shot to an up-and-comer.

Written by Sean Joseph

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