Emily Ratajkowski Declares It’s Summer In Daring Thong Bathing Suit

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Emily Ratajkowski, who regularly shows her millions of Instagram followers just how much she hates clothes, better have some strong sunscreen. She’s gonna need it.

Ratajkowski hit the beach for a little R&R this week and wore what’s loosely being billed as a bathing suit. I say loosely because, well …

Emily Ratajkowski Instagram heater continues with thong bathing suit

Don’t know if Emily Ratajkowski is actually comfortable in that, but my guess is the locals in the background of this shoot don’t mind!

Not sure if it’s something I’ll be packing for my vacation here in a few days, but you never know.

Ratajkowski — the 31-year-old model — has been on one hell of a bender lately, sending out seductive shower pics, making a play for Megan Fox, and now testing out Instagram’s X-rated patience at the beach in a thong.

She’s amassed over 30 million on Instagram — and that’s BEFORE summer. Can you imagine the bloodbath we’re in store for once the days get longer and the sun gets hotter? Buckle up and settle in for a wild few months.

As OutKick’s Sean Joseph recently opined, we may very well be on the brink of the Summer of Emily Ratajkowski.

Plan accordingly.

It’s hard to tell what direction she’s going to go in, but she’s currently single, she might be looking to date women, and she’s ready to lay waste to the beach,” SeanJo wrote last week.

The summer might be hers for the taking. Although there is sure to be some stiff competition out there, as there is every year.

I’m going to pencil her in as a name to watch this summer. That could change at any time, but she’s certainly off on the right foot with her latest.

Written by Zach Dean

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