Elon Musk Throws Jabs @ Twitter Celebs, Including Obama, Taylor Swift; Threatens To Turn Twitter HQ Into Homeless Shelter

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The Elon Musk to Twitter move is already paying dividends.

And don’t fret about Elon changing after being added to the company’s board of directors, he’s still going scorched earth on the elites.

Musk, the recent largest shareholder (9.2 percent) of Twitter, took some time out of his Saturday to call out celebs with the most followers on the platform.

“Most of these ‘top’ accounts tweet rarely and post very little content,” Musk tweeted, quoting a list of the top ten most-followed Twitter accounts that are also some of the most dormant on the TL.

Included in the list: former President Barack Obama (131.4 million), international soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo (98.8 million), Musk himself (81 million), India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi (77.7 million) and Taylor Swift (90.3 million).

Musk asked, “Is Twitter dead?” stoking unease among the blue checkmarks and Twitter chief Parag Agrawal, who has winced at Musk’s influence over the company.

Agrawal cautioned Twitter users to “vote carefully” when Musk posted a public poll asking if the platform should incorporate a feature to edit personal tweets.

Notable among the derelict accounts was country/pop singer Taylor Swift, whose past projects centered on illustrating the pulse of America and showed audiences how out of touch she truly is with the climate.

“For example, @taylorswift13 hasn’t posted anything in 3 months,” Musk added.

Musk’s vision for Twitter has been the fundamental antithesis to Swift’s politically correct platform.

Musk also threw a mention at America’s second-favorite Canadian behind Gretzky, pop star Justin Bieber.

Musk’s calling out of the company’s largest attractors was a fine display of how the unwavering, eccentric CEO remains as he embraces a greater role within Silicon Valley.

He followed up his antics with a separate poll, calling for Twitter HQ — in San Francisco — to be converted to a homeless shelter as a follow-up to his Twitter obituary.

Musk is expected to hold a Q&A with Agrawal and Twitter SF employees to address the staff’s concern over the Tesla CEO’s addition to the board.

Adding Musk to the company’s board of directors placed him one step closer toward his ultimate muse in becoming Twitter’s largest shareholder: restoring its service as a free-speech forum.

“Given that Twitter serves as the de facto public town square, failing to adhere to free speech principles fundamentally undermines democracy,” Musk tweeted. “What should be done?”

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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