Elon Musk Deal to Buy Twitter Appears to Be Back On

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The Elon Musk/Twitter saga might be drawing to a close.

Musk first agreed to buy Twitter back in April. But after he claimed that the social media giant refused to disclose what percentage of their users were bots, he sent a letter announcing his intention to back out of the deal.

Twitter then sued Musk to complete the purchase, likely realizing the company was possibly being overvalued in the agreement.

Musk countersued, which led many observers to assume the purchase would be indefinitely delayed.

But a new report out Tuesday might have finally created some clarification as to Musk’s intentions.

Elon Musk. (Getty Images)

Ed Hammond, Bloomberg’s “deal reporter,” posted Tuesday that Musk made another proposal to Twitter:

As of early Tuesday afternoon, the news sent Twitter’s stock price up nearly 13%, proving that investors see Musk’s deal as a substantial win for the company.

Musk Buying Twitter Is A Win For All

Once his offer was accepted, it seemed like a near certainty that he would eventually wind up in possession of the company when all was said and done.

Beyond being a financial win for Twitter and its shareholders, Musk buying Twitter is a tremendous win for freedom of speech.

When he officially takes over, users will no longer have to fear being de-platformed, banned or given suspensions for the crime of contradicting consensus far left progressive opinions.

Twitter employees were crying at the thought of losing their ability to censor users. That might be the best indication of how important Musk buying the company actually is.

Allowing free and open discussion is a dangerous, unacceptable option by those on the left.

Thankfully, he believes the opposite, that free speech and open debate are necessary parts of the town square, which Twitter attempts to be.

The anti-free speech left has controlled Big Tech and all major social media platforms for too long. Assuming this report is accurate, America got a major victory today.

UPDATE: A new report from the Associated Press appears to confirm that Twitter will be closing the deal after Musk’s offer to buy the company at the original price:

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  1. No doubt a cadre of intolerant leftists with money will form a competitor, and mainstream media players & leftist influencers will scale down their Twitter presence and use this “new Twitter” platform instead. They will attempt to turn current Twitter into another Parler, in order to turn the tables on Musk. Once the ink is dry on the deal, you can bet the replacement plan will begin the next day, and the new platform will be pushed down our throats via non-stop media mentions. Speech fascists don’t like open, non-censored debate.

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