Elon Musk Better Not Be Scrooge This Christmas And Ban NORAD’s Santa Tracker Twitter Account

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If there was ever an “exception to the rule…” I would hope that Elon Musk grants it to NORAD’s official Track Santa account.

Amidst a week that now has people arguing over everything from suspended accounts, to private jet stalking, to many Googling what exactly “Doxxing” means, my biggest question for Mr. Musk is this:

Are you going to suspend NORAD’s Track Santa Twitter account?

Cause I hope not. The big fella from the North Pole deserves better, especially at Christmastime.

Just don’t tell Gen Z that. Many of them want Santa Claus cancelled because it’s “too traumatizing to children” when they find out he MAY not be real. I wrote about that lunacy here.

NORAD has been tracking Santa for years now. The account has become a staple of Twitter tradition with #NoradTracksSanta annually trending.

The concept is simple – people from all across the world can check NORAD’s @NoradSanta account to see where Kris Kringle is riding his sleigh off to next.

Is that doxxing? The heck if I know.

Others on social media have asked the same question, but I feel they are doing so in a more “GOTCHA!” type of way. They are trying to do anything and everything they can do to try and have Musk misspeak or catch him in a lie.


Me? I am just hoping that we don’t continue to ruin traditions around the holiday season. Even though NORAD has their Official Track Santa website, it just feels easier to follow along on Twitter where one can also retweet and quote tweet it.

It’s been a heck of a week for Elon Musk. I feel like I’ve written that sentence countless times in the past few months. It’s always something, ya know? Much of the time it’s not even his fault but he still has to deal with it which I’m sure is annoying.

The latest “controversy” involves a new Twitter policy which prohibits anyone from “Doxxing” someone else. Recently some journalists have had their accounts suspended for trying to get around the new Term of Service.

Twitter has a new policy that prohibits Doxxing another individual’s location. (Twitter.com)
Millions of people track Santa’s soaring path on Christmas Eve (Getty Images)

Personally, I don’t see how hard it is to just follow a platform’s rules. If they tell you not to do something and you still do it, I’d probably assume there would be some sort of action taking like suspending one’s account.

But back to my Santa talk.

If Elon DID happen to suspend the NORAD Track Santa account, then he just did parents across the world a huge favor by confirming that Santa is real.

But by doing so, he may have also given parents a Christmas Eve headache because they can’t get some peace and quiet while the kids are tracking Santa on Twitter.

But damn it would be funny to see “outraged journalists” freak out that Elon kept the Track Santa account up while suspending other accounts.

What a dilemma.

Written by Mike Gunzelman

Mike “Gunz” Gunzelman has been involved in the sports and media industry for over a decade. He’s also a risk taker - the first time he ever had sushi was from a Duane Reade in Penn Station in NYC.

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