Car Carrying Elon Musk’s Child Allegedly Attacked Around Same Time Twitter Suspends Real-Time Location Accounts

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A car carrying one of Elon Musk’s children was allegedly attacked Tuesday night.

The Tesla founder and Twitter owner tweeted late Tuesday that the vehicle carrying his child X Æ A-12, who is two, in Los Angeles was followed by a “crazy talker” believing Musk was in the car.

The stalker allegedly blocked the vehicle and then climbed on the hood, according to Musk. He posted a very short video of the vehicle, including its license plate. It’s unclear if the person taking the video is a bodyguard or simply someone who was with X.

Musk later added that the individual seen in the video is indeed the person responsible for getting on the car.

The alleged attack happened right around the same time Musk announced that accounts sharing the exact locations of people would no longer be allowed.

Several accounts dedicated to following jets, including Musk’s, were deleted.

Elon Musk is treating it as a very serious situation.

Information on Elon Musk’s security measures are few and far between online, and for good reason. Kind of hard to protect a family if the details of the measures are public.

However, it’s clear that Musk is not taking any half-measures anymore. A masked lunatic allegedly attacked the vehicle carrying his incredibly young child.

It’s simply unacceptable, and it seems the hatred towards him has gone through the roof since taking over Twitter.

Man allegedly attacks car carrying Elon Musk’s child. Has the man been identified? (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video

If Musk doesn’t already have around the clock security, he should get it ASAP for himself and his family members. The man has 10 children. As a very public billionaire, he can’t take chances. The man is worth roughly $175 billion. He can definitely afford it.

Car carrying Elon Musk’s child allegedly attacked. Musk tweeted a video of the person allegedly responsible. Is he facing increased security threats? (Photo by CARINA JOHANSEN/NTB/AFP via Getty Images)

Check back for updates at OutKick as we have them on Musk finding the people responsible.

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