Elly De La Cruz Shows Crazy Speed In Little League HR

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Cincy’s got its own human highlight reel in a Reds uniform with Elly De La Cruz.

In Saturday’s game against the Toronto Blue Jays, Elly took off for the bases and made it around the world for the Little League home run.


Facing Toronto’s Chris Bassitt on the mound in the fourth inning, De La Cruz sent the ball to deep right-center in what seemed like a possible triple for the speedy shortstop.

Not only did Elly bring in Matt McLain from first, but he also went the distance to tie up the ballgame. The Great American Ballpark crowd ate up the moment.

“I was running hard to third base, and once I saw that ball got kind of in the middle of nowhere, I knew that I had the chance,” De La Cruz said after the game (via MLB.com). “So I knew I had to run hard to get to home base.”

TJ Friedl kicked the inning off for the Reds with a leadoff homer. De La Cruz poured rocket fuel on Friedl’s spark.

Viewers can argue that the inside-the-park HR largely benefitted from Cavan Biggio’s overthrow, but any player of lesser speed could not have pulled off the score. By De La Cruz’s definition, he’s the fastest player in baseball … so no one could have pulled it off.

Cincinnati appeared to have momentum but sadly fumbled the game in a 4-3 Blue Jays win.

De La Cruz continues to put on an incredible debut year. Most of the buzz around De La Cruz focuses on his freakish athleticism.

Doubles for most MLBers turn into triples for the 21-year-old, and would-be triples turn into home runs.

The kid can fly.

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