OnlyFans Star Elle Brooke Says Her Future Kids ‘Can Cry In A Ferrari’ If They Don’t Like Her X-Rated Content

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Elle Brooke apparently doesn’t care one bit if her non-existent kids don’t like her OnlyFans content.

Brooke is one of the most popular women on the internet and is also a bit of a rising boxing star. However, it’s the former and not the latter that really drives most of her money and attention.

She recently sat down with Piers Morgan for an absolutely incredible moment of TV. At one point, he wondered why she would give up her dreams of being a lawyer to be an “online stripper.”

“Way worse than an online stripper. Way worse. Online strippers, you know, get naked. I do things that are way more grotesque than that…Pornography. Anything, but it’s all within what I want to do and I absolutely love it. And I’m really good at it,” Brooke pushed back immediately when deemed simply a stripper.

Elle Brooke isn’t focused on the future.

Morgan pressed her on what she’d tell her future kids. Elle Brooke currently doesn’t have any children at the age of 25.

“They can cry in a Ferrari,” Brooke responded when Morgan asked her what she’ll tell her kids when they ask why she didn’t become a lawyer.

You can watch the slightly funny and slightly awkward exchange below.

Brooke pushes back on Piers Morgan.

That was simply an incredible moment of television. There’s no other way to describe it. That entire exchange was incredible.

Brooke didn’t even hesitate to drop the “cry in a Ferrari” line. It was almost like she had that one locked, cocked and ready to rock.

Piers Morgan

Elle Brooke spars with Piers Morgan about her X-rated content and future kids. Brooke is one of the most famous women on the internet. (Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images)

Is it a bit weird to discuss about nonexistent kids and Elle Brooke’s OnlyFans content? But everything is fair game when you sit down for an interview. At the very least, that’s the way it should be.

To Brooke’s credit, she definitely didn’t back down. She immediately punched back. Brooke’s OnlyFans earnings are in the top .01% of OnlyFans, according to the Daily Star. That means she’s almost certainly earning millions, and that’s outside of her boxing earnings.

Will she actually buy her future kids a Ferrari? Who knows, but clearly, she doesn’t mind pushing the subject.

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