Elizabeth Hurley Responds To Rumor Sparked By Prince Harry’s Book That She Took His Virginity

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle continue to discuss their favorite topic, themselves. The two are fresh off of a Netflix documentary called Harry & Meghan. In the documentary they continued another of their favorite activities, taking shots at the monarchy.

A documentary apparently isn’t enough of the spotlight, so Prince Harry also wrote a memoir. In the memoir titled Spare, the 38-year-old talks about losing his virginity as a teenager.

The description of his first time is that he was with a “beautiful older woman in the countryside.” This has sparked rumors that actress Elizabeth Hurley is that unidentified woman.

Elizabeth Hurley Responds To Rumor Sparked By Prince Harry's Book That She Took His Virginity
Rumors about Prince Harry losing his virginity (Image Credit: AP/Chris Jackson & Elizabeth Hurley/Instagram)

The 57-year-old was asked about those rumors during an interview with the Saturday Times magazine. Thankfully, she is not the unidentified older woman who hooked up with a teenaged Prince Harry.

Hurley responded to the question by laughing it off with an emphatic denial, “Not me. Not guilty. Ha!”

“No. Not me,” she continued. “Absolutely not.”

That’s about as thorough as it gets when it comes to denying a rumor. You can’t blame people for thinking that Hurley might be the beautiful older woman. You would hope she has better taste, but when you think beautiful older women in England, she’s on the top of that list.

Elizabeth Hurley Has More Important Things To Focus On

For those interested Prince Harry’s memoir, which was pushed back due to Queen Elizabeth’s death, is coming out in January. More important than the spoiled prince’s memoir is Hurley’s new Christmas movie, Christmas in the Caribbean.

Is it a good movie? Probably not, but that’s not the point. The point is that it’s better than Harry’s memoir and it’s an excuse to catch a Christmas movie with Hurley rocking a bikini.

Not many things can tarnish Elizabeth Hurley’s reputation. Hooking up with Prince Harry might be one of the few things that can. Fortunately that’s not the case and the Morning Screencaps veteran’s reputation remains fully intact.

Written by Sean Joseph

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