Ebanie Bridges Steals The Show With A Jaw Dropping Top While Covering Kingpyn Boxing Event

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Ebanie Bridges was in the building on Saturday night for Kingpyn Boxing’s High Stakes event at OVO Arena Wembley. She hasn’t left her lucrative boxing career behind to participate in celebrity boxing events just yet.

The Blonde Bomber was there to support her pal Elle Brooke, who is throwing hands with the likes of reality stars and influencers. Bridges was also there to cover the event as a commentator.

Ebanie Bridges Boobs OnlyFans Boxing
Blonde Bomber working Elle Brooke’s corner (Image Credit: Ebanie Bridges/Instagram Story)

After working Brooke’s corner, Bridges did a quick wardrobe change before grabbing a microphone to cover the remainder of the event. Unlike Brooke’s victory over Ola Danielka, the wardrobe change was not a disappointment.

Bridges’ black bra and red coat combination was jaw dropping and show stealing. Brooke picked up her win by outpointing her opponent and wasn’t happy even though the win, along with her wins over AJ Bunker and Faith Ordway, puts her at 3-0.

Enough about Brooke’s disappointment. Let’s get back to Bridges and her eye catching fit. Bridges made sure those who didn’t tune in had an opportunity to see what she wore during the event.

She shared a behind the scenes look at her time commentating. The quick video gave her more than 735k followers a closer look at her outfit and the location they had her covering the event from.

Ebanie Bridges Can Now Check The Show Stealer Box

The comment section of the post was an absolute disaster. However, there was one comment that comedically pointed out the obvious.

The commenter said, “Their eye contact skills must be next level..”

Bridges knew the look was going to get her some attention from those who tuned in and she was right. A video from her coverage shows what had to be a common reaction from viewers when the camera revealed her entire look.

Bridges responded to the clip, “Hahaha the boobs.”

Bridges is a champion level boxer, a success corner woman, and a show stealing commentator. We already knew she was the real deal this just adds to her legacy.

We can’t talk about Ebanie Bridges without mentioning that she’s also taken her talents to OnlyFans, where it was revealed that she was handed a nice bag of cash to do so.

“I am a boxer, but I box twice a year. Two paychecks a year is nothing,” Bridges said of her decision to join the exclusive content. “Iā€™m not getting millions, like the men, off boxing, so I’d be dumb not to maximize what I can earn elsewhere.”

We know Bridges is many things, dumb is not one of them. She a modern day renaissance woman.

Written by Sean Joseph

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