OnlyFans Boxer Elle Brooke Wears A Bikini During Weigh-Ins, Tries To Kiss Her Opponent During Faceoff

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Say what you want about Elle Brooke, but she knows how to put on a show. She doesn’t just wait for the bell to sound either. The OnlyFans star makes every aspect of one of her fights pure entertainment.

Brooke has hit the celebrity boxing circuit running. She trash talks during press conferences, strips down to skimpy bikinis for her weigh-ins, then picks up Ws with her fists.

OnlyFans boxer Elle Brooke
Elle Brooke celebrates with Ebanie Bridges after defeating Faith Ordway (Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images)

Last year, in her boxing debut, Brooke defeated former Love Island contestant AJ Bunker. She followed that up in January with a first-round stoppage of TikToker Faith Ordway.

The led up to both fights was all fun and games. Bikini weigh-ins and the whole deal. As soon as she steps in the ring the fun is over and the punches start doing the entertaining.

Brooke’s decision to get into boxing has helped her form a relationship with another fighter who likes to entertain during her weigh-ins, IBF bantamweight champion Ebanie Bridges. The two have trained together and even collaborated on some OnlyFans content.

Bridges was there for her friend on Friday as she weighed in ahead of Saturday night’s High Stakes show at the OVO Arena Wembley.

Elle Brooke Ebanie Bridges OnlyFans
OnlyFans stars and boxers at weigh-ins (Image Credit: Elle Brooke/Twitter)

Brooke is set to fight social media influencer Ola Danielka. After her bikini weigh-in Brooke and Danielka faced each other for the last time before they step into the ring tomorrow night.

The faceoff featured Danielka mocking their significant height difference. It also featured a kiss attempt by Brooke that didn’t hit its mark.

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That’s how you weigh-in and that’s how you do a faceoff. It’s all about entertainment until the bell dings. Before the two left the stage they had some parting words for one another.

Danielka’s last message for her opponent was, “See you tomorrow, bitch.”

To which Brooke replied, “This Pornhub whore is going to f*ck you up.”

There was no love lost between these two and even if the pre-fight kiss had landed that wasn’t going to change anything. These two want to do some damage in the ring.

Good luck to both of them and may the one with the better weigh-in leave the ring with her hand raised.

Written by Sean Joseph

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