Ebanie Bridges Comes Off The Top Rope With New Instagram Content

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Ebanie Bridges wants everyone to know she’s ready to roll this summer.

The Australian-born content creator and boxer is known for generating attention online and in the ring.

She’s 9-1 in her professional boxing career, and has really blown up on the scene over the past year. It seems like nobody really knew about Ebanie Bridges just a couple years ago.

Now, Bridges is all over the internet and has won her last four fights. However, throwing punches doesn’t seem to be her top priority these days.

Ebanie Bridges is a rising star on Instagram and in the boxing ring. (Photo by Leigh Dawney/Getty Images)

Ebanie Bridges goes viral on Instagram with a new video.

Bridges, who is a growing fan favorite here at OutKick, posted a new Instagram video of herself soaking up some sun, and it definitely looks like she’s ready to roll for the summer months.

Summer might not officially start until June 21, but we all know that once the warm weather arrives, the content starts rolling for influencers online

That’s just a fact of life, and Bridges had no trouble going viral with her latest video.

Bridges continues to crush it online.

While Bridges might be more than capable of throwing punches in the ring against opponents, it’s the internet where she makes her money.

OnlyFans and other sites are how she cashes in, just like many other women online. However, she’s in some rarified air when it comes to the kind of money she makes.

Ebanie Bridges continues to be a content machine online. (Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images)

Bridges revealed in an April interview she was paid roughly $450,000 to simply join OnlyFans, where her content is relatively tame.

That was just the upfront number. You can buy a house with that, and there’s no doubt more money has only continued to roll in.

Ebanie Bridges had a monster 2022 in her boxing career and on the internet. It definitely appears she has every intention of continuing her roll through 2023.

Life is good for the Australian star. There’s no doubt about that at all.

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