Ebanie Bridges Offers To Flash Her Boobs To Her Favorite Soccer Team If They Can Avoid Relegation

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Leeds United is wrapping up a terrible season in the Premier League over the next two weekends. The team faces a real chance of being relegated and is currently in one of the three spots that will be booted from the league.

This Sunday’s game against West Ham is a must win. If they lose they’ll be playing their games next season in the Championship Division. In other words, they’re going to need all the help they can get.

Ebanie Bridges Flash Boobs Leeds United Premier League Relegation
Ebanie Bridges poses during her weigh in (Photo by Leigh Dawney/Getty Images)

That’s where fan of the team, boxer and OnlyFans model, Ebanie Bridges steps in. She’s come up with a few ways to help motivate her favorite team. The IBF bantamweight world champ will pay the team a visit in their locker room promising to flash her boobs among other things..

“Hey guys, if you stay up I’ll flash my boobs,” she told talkSPORT. “I’ll get in that locker room, pull my shirt up and flash my boobs or something like that.”

That was just the beginning on the lengths Bridges is willing to go to for her team. She’ll also throw out some kisses if needed or some free subscriptions.

“I’ll kiss you, anything. Whatever, I’ll give you a free subscription to my OnlyFans. Please Leeds stay up, don’t f*cking disappoint me.”

Bridges ended her motivational comments directed at Leeds by saying, “Titties.”

That’s being there for your team like a true fan. Will her offers help Leeds avoid relegation? We shall see. Their hopes are riding on how things shake out this weekend.

Ebanie Bridges Might Have A Future As A Motivational Speaker

In other Ebanie Bridges news, she has finally recovered from the surgery on her broken hand. After five months off she announced this week that she was getting back to work.

Not only getting back to work, but preparing for an upcoming fight, the date of which hasn’t yet been announced. The Blonde Bomber said, “Back to work work.”

“After 5 months recovering from my surgery and getting the hand strong again, I Can’t wait to dance under those bright lights again. fight date pending.”

There’s a lot to look forward to in the near future from Bridges. Hopefully her team can avoid relegation, she celebrates that by flashing the team, and she makes an effortless return to the ring where she successfully defends her title.

Written by Sean Joseph

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