Ebanie Bridges Starts 2023 With A Blunt Message For Her Critics

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Boxer Ebanie Bridges has no time for the haters and critics.

The Australian boxer made quite a name for herself over the past year, and went 2-0 in 2022. Not only did she finish with two victories, but she also lit up Shannon O’Connell in a feud for the ages. Her opponent called out the fact that Bridges is a bit of a hit in the social media world, but she ultimately couldn’t cash the check her mouth wrote.

The message was sent that Ebanie Bridges isn’t around to take any garbage from anyone.

Ebanie Bridges doesn’t care what her haters and critics think. She shared a blunt message about her outlook on Twitter. (Photo by Jason McCawley/Getty Images)

Ebanie Bridges has a straightforward attitude.

In case anyone was wondering if her vibe would be different in 2023, we now know for sure it won’t be.

She shared a blunt message on Twitter Sunday letting people know she’s “mot giving a f*ck what people think.” She built a brand on doing her own thing, and she’s keeping that same energy in the new year.

Ebanie Bridges has a 9-1 boxing record, but let’s all be honest. It’s her social media presence that draws the most eyeballs.

She’s turned into a crossover hit. She’s one of the few influencers who is actually a solid star in her own right in sports.

Unlike Jake Paul, Ebanie Bridges actually fights real boxers, and is making a name for herself doing it. In fact, she’s become so popular that podcaster and adult film actress Kendra Lust sponsors her.

What will the new year hold for Ebanie Bridges? Only time will tell, but odds are high she’ll continue her rise.

She’s laying the smackdown in the ring and taking care of business outside of it on social media. With her attitude, it’s hard to imagine anyone will stop her.

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