Boxer Ebanie Bridges Teases Potential OnlyFans Cooking Show

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Boxer Ebanie Bridges is really trying to diversify her content game.

The Australian boxer is quickly becoming a superstar online and in the ring. She put on a show in her last boxing match, and when it comes to Instagram and the internet, she’s even more unstoppable.

As we all know, diversification isn’t just great for your portfolio. It’s also great when it comes to the content game.

Bridges seems intent on switching things up. The OutKick fan favorite teased a potential cooking show on OnlyFans with a viral Sunday post.

Is cooking the next great frontier for Ebanie Bridges?

As our loyal and faithful readers know, Bridges is on a rocket ship that doesn’t appear capable of slowing down.

Over the past year, she seemingly came out of nowhere and turned into a mega-star. Things really went to a new level after she put an absolute beatdown on Shannon O’Connell in December. Her boxing record is now an impressive 9-1.

Ebanie Bridges is becoming a major star. (Photo by George Wood/Getty Images)

You have to strike when the iron is hot. Right now, it’s never been hotter for her, and Ebanie Bridges is doing her best to keep the momentum rolling.

Does that mean she’s going to start cooking up some tasty casseroles for all her fans and followers?

2022 was a banner year for Ebanie Bridges, and it looks like she’s 100% going to have a monster 2023. That’s great news for people in the content game!

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