Eagles Unveil Kelly Green Throwbacks After Pictures Leaked And They’re As Spectacular As You’d Expect

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Everyone knew they were coming, but the Philadelphia Eagles’ long-awaited re-introduction of “Kelly Green” throwback uniforms did not disappoint.

The Eagles’ plan to bring back the iconic throwbacks was far from a secret. A few months back, owner Jeffrey Lurie confirmed that the jerseys would return, but didn’t provide a timeframe. Earlier this week, the team announced an unveiling date of Monday, July 31.

Obviously, that didn’t pan out.

On Friday, the team was doing their best to get people excited about the throwback threads with a series of Instagram posts.

However, before the Birds were able to officially unveil their new/old duds, images of them started to leak on social media.

That’s the internet for you. Always ruining things for you. As I said, these things were no secret at all, and it still was a little deflating to see the big reveal through a series of leaks before the Eagles could officially show them off.


No worries. The Birds didn’t let it rain on their throwback jersey parade. The team decided to go ahead with it and officially released the images along with a nice, snarky remark aimed at the leaks.

As for the uniforms themselves, they look sharp. That’s not much of a surprise either as they’re simple throwbacks and the originals were fantastic too. According to NFL.com, this set is a nod to the team’s look between 1985 and 1995.

No word yet on when they’ll wear these bad boys, but they will no doubt fly off the racks.

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  1. The Kelly Green unis should have never gone away. Jeff Lurie, when he bought the team years ago changed the colors to that awful midnight green. Love seeing the Kelly Green back with the original winged helmet. Classic.

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