Eagles Coach Nick Sirianni Says Team Will Rise From The Ashes After Tough Super Bowl Loss

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Philadelphia Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni thinks his team can ascend from their Super Bowl loss like the mighty Phoenix. Considering how Philly riots nearly burned the city to a crisp last night after the championship loss, the Eagles may literally need to rise from the ashes.

Speaking to the media last night after the tough 38-35 loss, Sirianni gave encouraging words to his team and how he expects to bounce back from the defeat with more motivation than before.

“We’ll overcome this too,” Sirianni said. “The type of guys that we have in there, we’ll use this to motivate us. We’ll use this pain, we’ll use this failure to motivate us so we can make it a strength.”

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The pain came in spades for the Eagles and their city last night: not just becoming the third hometown team in the past year to lose a championship after the Philadelphia Union (MLS) and Phillies (MLB) fumbled their respective moments in the spotlight, but also failing to stop Jackson Mahomes from filming TikToks all over the graves.

Will the Eagles truly learn their lesson moving forward, considering they couldn’t stop a familiar motion goal-line play to give up wide-open scores in the Super Bowl?

Meh, probably. They’re still a solid group to root for out of the NFC next season. While Philly’s defensive line proved to be somewhat of a paper tiger on the big stage (coming off a 70-sack season) by registering zero sacks on Mahomes and the secondary got embarrassed in the second half, Sirianni and his Jalen Hurts-led offense still look to be a real deal.

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If the Eagles can maintain their advantage at the offensive line — post-Jason Kelce, now that he is set to retire — it’s safe to expect Philadelphia to make another deep postseason run in the forthcoming seasons.

Every team that reaches the Super Bowl has its unique way of staying at the top or regressing into irrelevancy the following year.

But if you had to bet on Andy Reid’s Chiefs or Sirianni’s Eagles to take a step back, the smart money’s on Philadelphia having a hangover.

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  1. Here’s a thought. Maybe focus less on patting yourself on the back and celebrating your Super Bowl win before halftime and make adjustments at halftime for the second half, which KC obviously did. But hey, Nick Sirianni won the first half. Just like Kyle Shanahan did. Twice.

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