New College Football Video Game Will Feature Real Players

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Actual players will be featured in EA Sports’ upcoming college football game.

“NCAA Football” from EA Sports was one of the most popular video games in the country for years, but came to an abrupt end after “NCAA Football 14” dropped summer 2013. The game never featured actual names, but likeness issues brought on legal battles that ended the series.

EA Sports shocked and stunned college football fans when it announced the game would return. The NIL era changed everything, and the untitled series will hit shelves next summer.

Now, it’s been revealed real players will have their likeness in the game, according to ESPN.

Real players will be included in upcoming college football video game.

EA Sports has teamed up with OneTeam Partners to get players’ names and likeness in the upcoming game, according to the same report. All FBS players will be eligible to participate and those who do will get some money.

It’s unknown right now exactly what compensation will look like. It seems unlikely it will be completely even. After all, bigger name players will definitely want some more cash, but that remains to be seen.

There’s no official release date yet for the latest version of the game from EA Sports, but it will definitely come at some point summer 2024.

New college football video game will feature actual players. (Mandatory Credit: Mark Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports)

This is a great update.

While the NIL era has certainly produced plenty of chaos, this is something that should make everyone happy. Player likeness was already kind of included.

Actual names weren’t, but jersey numbers matching relative skills appearance were included in the games. All a person had to do was go in and download a roster with accurate names from the internet. It took a matter of seconds to update. To this day, many people playing “NCAA Football 14” still do it.

Thanks to athletes now being able to make money, the issue has resolved itself. Players can cash in and that means including them in the new college football game.

New college football game will be released summer 2024. (Photo by Andy Mead/ISI Photos/Getty Images)

The only bad news is the game was supposed to drop this summer. Instead, it’s been delayed until 2024. It’s pretty unfortunate, but the worth will be worth it after more than a decade without a new game. Fans can’t wait!

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  1. I’m just worried about the fact it’s EA on the job here. Look at the mess that Madden is these days. I don’t trust that it won’t potentially br a steaming pile of crap. But it will be the only college football game on the market, and the first one in 10 years so it will make a ton of money regardless.

    • I agree, but surprisingly EA did a great job with the new PGA Tour golf game and the graphics and gameplay are amazing. It gives me hope that they will get it right on these next gen systems.

  2. Will all colleges, at least FCS/Div 1-A, be in the game? I know Notre Dame was a hold out until the NIL stuff got resolved. Personally, I hate Notre Dame and never would play as them but…not having them would be disservice.

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