Dwyane Wade & Gabrielle Union Crank Up The Content From Spain With A Butt Bite

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Like Odell Beckham Jr. and his girlfriend Lauren Wood getting all romantic for the camera on vacation, Dwyane Wade and wife Gabrielle Union are dumping out the content this week from a yacht where the NBA legend took a bite out of his wife’s booty.

The couple, who are celebrating their 8th anniversary with a European vacation, have done more than shoot romantic butt-biting content. This rest and relaxation trip has included some football passes, a date night in Spain, fancy fruit tray sessions on the back of the yacht, and spa days in Spain where the couple drank champagne and massages next to the Mediterranean.

Dwayne Wade bites Gabrielle Union butt on vacation
D Wade doing work on a romantic vacation with his wife, Gabrielle Union / Instagram

As was the case with the OBJ-Lauren Wood photo, the question remains: Who shoots this content?

Did D Wade, 40, ask one of the boat boys to shoot video of him biting his wife’s ass? Did one of the guests on the boat trip step in & hit play; or was a camera on a tripod to get that content?

In this case, it feels like Gabrielle, 49, had a friend of hers hold the camera as her husband palmed her ass like he was about to throw down a fast-break dunk.

In July, OnlyFans model Sara Blake Cheek explained to OutKick how these shoots normally go down.

“Typically that is taken with a selfie stand and a timer on the camera. Unless this is a BTS picture, which could be possible,” Cheek said of the OBJ-Wood shoot.

“Any sexier, nude, implied content I take is done with my one and only photographer that has seen it all and is my go-to. I would hire and take him with me to shoot on vacation.”

And there you have it, Wade and Union might have hired a photographer to serve as the trip’s content producer. It’s actually a smart move. Think about how many times you’ve considered taking a bite out of your wife’s ass on vacation, but the selfie stick becomes awkward. Then the timer is a huge pain in the ass. Then the wife gets impatient. Things unravel and your Norris Lake house boat trip takes a turn.

Hate these rich people all you want, but they are smart about the content game.

Hire it out, people.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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