Odell Beckham Jr. & Girlfriend Lauren Wood Share Intimate Vacation Photo That Has Me Asking Questions

Odell Beckham Jr. and baby mama girlfriend Lauren Wood made news this week when Lauren published intimate vacation photos on Instagram that left me wondering a very intriguing question: Who takes these intimate photos on vacation?

As a middle-aged guy in Ohio, my initial response to that question is that these two have some sort of iPhone camera timer that they set and then OBJ jumps back in the pool to let Lauren suck his face. But then I start thinking one wrong move and you have an iPhone in the pool and the romantic pool shoot is over. That leads to an Apple store trip, but these two are in the tropics and it doesn’t look like they’re popping in the Benz to hop on over to get a replacement phone.

I’m starting to wonder if the resorts where the NFL Super Bowl champions stay have on-call photographers ready to go for romantic photoshoots. Do agents prearrange romantic content shoots as part of the booking process? Is there a box to check on Travelocity if my wife and I want to schedule a content shoot like going on a van tour to see the ruins in Tulum?

I suppose it’s also possible the OBJ-Wood chef is handed a $100 to pop off a few rounds on Lauren’s phone so she can go to work editing on the private jet back to the States.

Here are the romantic resort photoshoot photographer options I came up with:

• Resort’s on-call photographer who is ready to go at a moment’s notice

• iPhone on a timer

• Personal chef

• Housekeeper

• Nanny

• A family member who was brought along to watch their son

• Bellhop

More than anything, I just want to understand how these really rich people live. I asked the only guy I know with NFL wide receiver money, Clay Travis, and even he didn’t know who performs these Instagram content shoots. You’ve seen his travel photos. It’s typically Lara shooting video of Clay’s terrible golf game and photos of the couple out to dinner taken by randoms walking down the street.

Let’s go back to the Beckham-Wood shoot. What happens after the shoot? As the rich guy, do you tell the bellhop to grab a beer so Lauren can check to make sure she got the goods?

Since I’m a big-time Big J blogger, who has sources, I asked Tennessee Vols OnlyFans model Sara Blake Cheek to weigh in here since she knows a thing or two about the content game. Sara is your 2022 FHM Sweden cover model. Her opinion on matters like this is gold to me.

“In my opinion, it looks like we have a little voyeurism fetish going on here,” Cheek wrote in my DMs. “High-five Odell, that’s hot”

As for the actual method of securing the photo, Cheek seems to think the iPhone could’ve been the move here.

“Typically that is taken with a selfie stand and a timer on the camera. Unless this is a BTS picture, which could be possible.

“Any sexier, nude, implied content I take is done with my one and only photographer that has seen it all and is my go-to. I would hire and take him with me to shoot on vacation.”

There you go. The key to life is to never stop learning. I don’t care if it’s studying NFL defenses or how couples shoot content.

Keep your mind right, folks. Keep investigating.

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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