Duke Player Flops In Humiliating Fashion, Draws Technical Foul On Opponent

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Duke guard Tyrese Proctor should be embarrassed by a Tuesday night flop against North Carolina State.

During the 71-67 win for the Blue Devils, the talented guard flopped in truly mind-boggling fashion, but even worse, the refs fell for it. North Carolina State star Terquavion Smith was hit with a technical foul.

The video is so damning against Proctor and the refs that it’s hard to believe it’s real.

Duke guard Tyrese Proctor should be embarrassed.

How does the Duke guard even hold his head high after a flop like this? This wasn’t just a bad flop. This was beyond humiliating. How are you going to look at yourself in the mirror as a man and collapse like a sniper put one in your chest at the same time?

Flopping is part of sports. It happens, especially in basketball. We all understand that, but generally speaking, there’s at least a baseline to justify it.

In this case, Tyrese Proctor was essentially breathed but went down like Tyson Fury landed one on his chin. Folks, what are we doing here? Jon Scheyer should bench Proctor just out of principle. If I was NC. State coach Kevin Keatts, I’d have thrown hands over a call that bad.

Tyrese Proctor draws technical foul on Terquavion Smith. (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video https://twitter.com/WillRaftery22/status/1630727328618758144)

While we’re on the subject, at least Proctor’s flop wasn’t as bad as what Iowa guard Tony Perkins did last week against Wisconsin.

That was so shocking Perkins should have been kicked off the team just to save the honor of the Hawkeyes.

When people talk about Duke getting calls, this is EXACTLY what they’re referring to. The refs couldn’t have made a more embarrassing decision. Truly stunning stuff out of Durham Tuesday night, and Tyrese Proctor should definitely be ashamed of his embarrassing flop.

Written by David Hookstead

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