Drunk Manchester United Fans Harass Flight Attendant: ‘Get Your T**s Out’

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A plane full of drunk Manchester United fans got a little rowdy with flight attendant Chloe when the booze ran dry last week, and started pelting her with odd requests and chants.

And by odd requests, I mean they all started asking her to take her clothes off and come to the bathroom for sex.

Not exactly what the ‘call’ button was intended for, I don’t reckon. Admittedly, I’ve never flown Ryanair, but I feel like that’s a safe bet.

Anyway, Chloe Harrison, 25, told Kennedy News that the men chanted “Get your t-ts out” and
“Chloe’s got a nice a–e.”

I don’t know much about that side of the pond, but I assume that last one is their version of ‘butt.’

Harrison also added that one tanked passenger even asked if she’d be interested in joining him in the bathroom to punch her mile-high club ticket.

Chloe Harrison flight attendant.
Chloe Harrison. (Kennedy News).

Soccer fans harass Ryanair flight attendant Chloe Harrison

Not a great look for those fellas, obviously, but at least Chloe appears to have taken it in stride.

The young flight attendant said she never felt she was any real danger, and that the folks were just excited about the game!

“If there was any trouble we could have got the police on arrival, but we didn’t need that,” she continued. “They were just having a good laugh, excited for the football and going on holiday.”

Still, Harrison posted a now-deleted video to TikTok of the flight, which she said started going downhill about halfway through when the cabin ran out of beer and vodka.

Flight attendant deals with drunk Manchester United fans.
Chloe Harrison received some unfortunate requests from drunk Manchester United fans.

“I walked to the back of the plane and looked and it was just full of men,” Harrison said. “About halfway through the journey, I was walking down the aisles with a rubbish bag and I could hear something. I looked up and they were all looking at me.

“I was thinking ‘Why are they all looking at me while they’re chanting?”

The chanting didn’t stop once the plane landed, either.

“They were all trying to leave through the back and ask for my Instagram and I kept telling them I don’t have it,” she added. “They were saying ‘I’ll never forget you.’”

I’m sure the feeling is mutual!

Written by Zach Dean

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