Draymond Green Throws Basketball At Russell Westbrook’s Head, Gets Suspended

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Anyone who follows the NBA just a little bit shouldn’t be surprised to hear that Draymond Green is suspended. The Golden State Warriors forward is known for his carefree, do as I want, chaotic and aggressive behavior on the court. Many times it’s act first, think about it later.

“So, what’d he do now?”

Well, he threw a basketball at Russell Westbrook’s head during a fit of rage on Wednesday night’s game.


Yes, Green was assessed his 16th technical foul of the season on Wednesday, which results in an automatic one game suspension, which he will serve tonight when the Warriors host the Hawks.


In the video above, you can see Green throw the ball off Westbrook with less than a minute remaining in the second quarter.

Draymond then began chirping with the referee, telling reporters afterwards that he thought the call would be rescinded. He also complained about a vendetta by the refs against him.


You can be sure that opponents and also the referees will have their eye on Green. For every two techs he gets throughout the remainder of the season, he will be suspended a full game. If I’m on the opposing team I am absolutely doing everything I can to get under Green’s skin and get him riled up. We are approaching the playoffs in less than three weeks now – it’s all hands on deck and anything and everything goes.

Surprisingly, this is Green’s first time ever going over the 16-tech threshold. He previously had two seasons of 15 fouls, and is known to get even more aggressive during the postseason. In 2019, he received 4 techs in the postseason alone!

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Draymond Green was given a one-game suspension after receiving his 16th technical foul this season. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)


However, it really is Draymond’s own fault. I can distinctly remember my parents teaching me at a young age about a reputation and how once you lose it, everyone is going to harp on you for it. That’s Draymond here… do the referees sometimes go up and beyond against him unfairly? Sure. But it’s not like they don’t have just cause to do it. Even though it seems like they are purposely screwing with him, the reality is that they know that he has such a temper that anything can happen at any time.

Draymond’s suspension tonight couldn’t come at a worst time for the team. With just 11 games remaining on the season, the team is 36-34 and facing a pretty significant roster shortage.

Tonight they’ll just have 9 players that will dress. Andre Iguodala is still out with a fractured left wrist, Anthony Lamb has reached his 50-game limit regarding a trade, and Andrew Wiggins is away for a family matter.

Steve Kerr better hope Draymond doesn’t say something dumb from the bench tonight at the referees – the team can’t afford to have him miss another game.

Written by Mike Gunzelman

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