Video Shows Draymond Green Savagely Attacking Jordan Poole, Police Won’t Investigate

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Video has surfaced of Draymond Green rocking Jordan Poole during practice.

Reports surfaced a few days ago that the two Golden State Warriors stars got into a physical altercation, and the team was considering punishing Draymond for his role.

Now, the video makes it crystal clear that Draymond without a doubt escalated the situation in the worst of ways. In the video, you can see the pair exchange words as the four-time NBA champion got in Poole’s face.

When the former Michigan star pushed his veteran teammate away, Draymond unloaded a brutal punch and dropped him.

TMZ reported late Friday afternoon that the police have no intention of investigating Green’s behavior and punch on Poole.

No excuse for the behavior shown by Draymond Green.

In terms of making contact with someone, that punch is about as bad as it gets. That was an absolutely brutal hit.

It looked like Poole’s body went completely limp and just fell against the wall. That’s a horrifying thing to do to another human, especially to someone who definitely wasn’t expecting to get hit.

Draymond Green punches Jordan Poole during practice. Video shows the brutal attack. (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter video

This also isn’t the first time Draymond Green has been involved in a physical altercation. He was arrested in 2016 for an alleged altercation at a Michigan club.

Green, who is a big fan of harsh punishments when it comes to Suns owner Robert Sarver, will now likely face discipline from the team.

If he endorsed Sarver being pushed out for his transgressions, what does he feel the punishment should be for brutally attacking someone a fraction of your size? Seems like a question Draymond should have to answer.

If the Warriors don’t deal with this in an appropriate manner, the team has no credibility. You can’t let a player savagely punch a teammate and not do anything. It simply can’t be tolerated.

Will the Warriors punish Draymond Green? Video shows him attacking Jordan Poole. (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter video

The police have already ruled out investigating and it now falls on to whether or not the team will do anything. If the Warriors don’t, some hard questions might have to be asked why what Green did was acceptable.

Written by David Hookstead

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  1. Green is a thug and a punk. He cheap-shotted a far more talented player who he probably outweighs by 50 minimum. He should be kicked off the team, out of the NBA and probably in jail. Mark my words, he will end up there some day. The Warriors are a joke if they don’t deal with this.

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