Draymond Green Is Mad Domantas Sabonis, The Player He Stomped, Didn’t Shake Hands After Warriors Close Out Kings

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Two weeks ago Draymond Green stomped Domantas Sabonis in the chest in the middle of Game 2 between the Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings. On Monday, the Warriors’ forward whined about Sabonis electing not to shake his hand after Golden State closed out Sacramento in Game 7.

Green literally sat down, turned on his podcast equipment, and said that he lost respect for Sabonis because he didn’t shake his hand on Sunday. Again, this man’s foot was on Sabonis’ sternum two weeks ago.

“I lost a lot of respect for Sabonis. You don’t shake guys hands after you lose? I don’t respect that,” Green, a 33-year-old grown man with a functioning brain said with a serious face.

Green even had the audacity to tell Sabonis to “pay your respect.”

Is Draymond Green Getting Dumber With Age?

Intentionally stomping on a player isn’t disrespectful, but not shaking a guy’s hand after losing a playoff series is? Got it, Dray.

It never ceases to amaze me the stupid things Green does and says and continually gets away with. It’s like the entire sports world is afraid to criticize him because he has four NBA championship rings.

Here are some of Green’s greatest hits just four months into 2023:

Just because the man lucked out in life and plays basketball with Steph Curry doesn’t mean he’s free of criticism.

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