Drama ‘King’ LeBron James Returning For Another Season After Fanning ‘Retirement’ Talk

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LBJ loves to make the story about him. LeBron James wanted audiences to believe he was retiring with a cheesy speech at the ESPYs on Wednesday. The only problem is he used his acting chops from “Space Jam 2,” so no one was fooled.

During his acceptance speech for another ESPY participation trophy — “Best Record-Breaking Performance” — the famed Laker spilled the beans on whether he’s retiring or returning to play for a 21st season.

LeBron James Stirs Retirement Talk Only To (Obviously) Come Back For 21st Season

“When the season ended, I said I wasn’t sure if I was gonna keep playing, and I know a lot of experts told you guys what I said, but I’m here now speaking for myself,” James said.

He added,

“In that moment, I’m asking myself if I can still play without cheating the game. Can I give everything to the game still? Truth is, I’ve been asking myself this question at the end of the season for a couple years now. I just never openly talked about it.

“I don’t care how many more points I score or what I can and cannot do on the floor. The real question for me is ‘can I play without cheating this game?’ The day I can’t give everything on the floor is the day I’ll be done.

“Lucky for you guys, that day is not today.”

Sigh, can this guy get any more dramatic?

Last season, a frequently injured LeBron averaged 28.9 points, 8.3 rebounds, and 6.8 assists.

Of course, all the retirement talk has been a fabrication by James since he teased the possibility after the Lakers got smacked in four games at the Western Conference Finals.

Anyone with a brain and an ounce of NBA knowledge foretold that the King would return. If anything, the retirement talk was a ploy to detract attention from the embarrassing WCF series.

After all, he’s not going away without one final send-off from the league and his worshippers in the NBA media.

Who’s to say that James doesn’t have several more seasons in him? After all, as the “Tom Brady” of the NBA, James has prided himself on longevity and may look to hit 40 and still be in the league.

James has unfinished business after falling flat against the Nuggets to end last year’s Lakers’ playoffs.

Congrats, LeBron. You enjoyed another 15 seconds of fame… now get out there and win a championship.

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