Drake Curse In Full Effect As Canadian Rapper Bets Seven-Figures On Chiefs To Beat Bengals In AFC Championship

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The Chiefs will have the odds stacked against them on Sunday after Drake placed his wager on the AFC Championship. Although Kansas City is the betting favorite, history would suggest that it will be an uphill battle for the No. 1 seed in 2023.

Drake lost a staggering amount of money (for non-million/billionaires) on sports bets in 2022, and wherever he goes, disappointment seems to follow. The ‘Drake curse’ may or may not be real, but it is hard to make a case that it’s not.

If Drake wears a team’s shirt, voices support for a specific team or person, takes a photo with an athlete, or bets on one side of a matchup, it goes poorly. The team and/or athlete often struggles immediately after.

Drake himself even embraced his role at one point in time. He once wore 76ers shorts to inspire his team, the Raptors, to win and it worked. Toronto beat Philadelphia.

Most recently, Drake bet a large chunk of change on Argentina to beat France and win the World Cup in regulation. Argentina won, but on penalty kicks, so he lost the bet.

In 2019, soccer club AS Roma banned all of its athletes from taking photos with Drake.

Those are just a few of many examples.

Now, on Sunday, it is the Chiefs who will have to overcome the Drake curse.

The 36-year-old Canadian rapper, singer and mogul revealed on Instagram that he is riding with Patrick Mahomes and Kansas City. He placed a $1.1 million bet on the Chiefs to win outright.

The wager includes overtimes, so it seems like Drake learned his lesson. If it hits, the bet will payout $2,057,000 including his initial wager. He would net $957,000.

Drake is riding with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Should Drake hit his bet, he said that he plans to buy his mother a gift with the winnings. Unfortunately, no matter whether the money will be used for good or evil, the curse does not seem to care.

Can Kansas City break the curse with a win over Cincinnati and advance to the Super Bowl?

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