Dr. Fraud-ci: Polls Show People No Longer Trust Fauci

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The first act of Dr. Fauci’s cosmetic theatre took nearly two years, and now it’s apparent that most of the spectators won’t be sticking around past intermission. Per a January 2022 NBC News poll, Fauci, whose science and restrictions change more often than weather in the Midwest, has lost the majority of his audience.

Only 44% of people now say they trust what Fauci has said about the coronavirus.

Turns out, even a mask can’t hide these ugly poll numbers.

Dr. Fauci’s dwindling support looks drastically different today than when COVID-19 was in its early stages. In fact, his supporters have essentially done a complete 180*. In April of 2020, 60% of people polled trusted what Fauci had to say.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone with an immune system and basic common sense. Dr. Fauci has pushed for masks from day one (except when he didn’t), would like to see vaccines mandated for air travel, did not want the unvaxxed or unboostered to celebrate the holidays with anyone, and won’t oppose another lockdown.

Curiously, Fauci’s been eerily quiet since the CDC admitted last week that natural immunity provides better protection against COVID than a vaccine. Maybe he’s realizing that his fifteen minutes of fame now look much more like a one-man-show that’s been panned by audiences across the country.

Close the curtains and turn on the house lights. The Fraudci drama may soon finally come to an end. Take a bow, Tony.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. Tony “Gain of Function” Fauci covered up the origins of the China Virus – the Wuhan Lab Leak – because it incriminated him, and he hid behind a complicit anti-Trump media. Fraudci is a selfish lying bureaucrat. There are a lot of lemmings who followed him blindly and, just like the BLM lemmings, as the real truth comes out those lemmings will suddenly disavow him just like they are now disavowing BLM and labeling their former sacred cow BLM as an “extremist group” (“I never agreed with them! I don’t know who put that BLM sign in my front yard!” we are looking right at you, Glenn Williams Washington aka Ball Don’t Lie.)

    How much further and faster would vaccines and treatments have advanced if we dealt in the truth of the origins rather than propaganda in the search for a treatment and cures? China + money = politicized medicine.

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