CDC Admits Natural Immunity Provides Better Protection Than Vaccination

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For almost two years since the start of the pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Anthony Fauci and the Biden administration have given a cold shoulder to the benefits of natural immunity.

Now that results have poured in after months of the Delta variant’s surge, the CDC has caved rather than attempt to mask the data.

The CDC delivered a surprising message on Wednesday when it released data indicating that those who had previously contracted and then recovered from COVID as less likely to have contracted the Delta variant throughout its surge in the thick of 2021 (May-November).

“Before Delta became dominant, individuals who had natural immunity were experiencing higher case rates than individuals who were only vaccinated,” notes the Daily Caller, “but after Delta took hold, those with natural immunity caught COVID-19 less frequently than those who were only vaccinated.”

Israel has published data on the trend between natural immunity and heightened COVID protection for months, as they led most countries in vaccination rates but still experienced a spike in cases.

Additional data suggests that vaccine passports and practices such as mask-wearing do little to “stop the spread,” as places like Los Angeles County — which is approaching six months of uninterrupted indoor masking regulations — experience an all-time high in cases.

A week removed from the SCOTUS decision to reject Biden’s OSHA mandatory vaccine guidelines, the leaders on COVID policy still refuse to de-emphasize vaccination over long-term natural immunity.

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. I’m glad the CDC is finally admitting that surviving a virus does provide better protection. That’s been obviously true. Natural immunity is great, HOWEVER, it comes with a price. FDR became naturally immune to Polio, but it cost him his ability to use his legs. People also became naturally immune to mumps, but they couldn’t have kids because it sterilized them. People became naturally immune to small pox, but it left massive scaring and sometimes blindness.

    • Natural immunity SOMETIMES comes with a price. Natural immunity to chicken pox rarely has a downside. Same with colds, flu and likely Covid 19. In addition, no vax is risk-free. The risk-reward of any vax and illness needs to be evaluated on the whole and with the individual patient. It makes sense to be vaxxed against Covid if you are 80 and have an underlying condition. It makes no sense if you are under 40 and healthy.

  2. The downside to natural immunity to chicken pox is shingles. Certainly not life threatening, but painful and reoccurring unless…you get a shingrix vaccine. I agree with you on the cold, but no is pushing a vaccine for the common cold (insert joke about covid being the cold). Yes no vaccine is safe. In fact no medical procedure is 100%. Nothing you do is 100% safe, but vaccines are just about the safest medical procedure you can do.
    I agree about a whole evaluation. Yes if you are under 40 and in good shape you are going to be fine (ironically I knew a guy under 40 who was healthy that died from covid, but I also know that is a rarity). I still got the vaccine because while I’m fine, I see my parents a lot, and I didn’t want to risk them. Not saying everyone has to do that, but that was part of my holistic calculation.

  3. Its all about control never about health our southern border is and has been invaded by the thousands of the unvaxxed unvetted hoards from third world countries shipping them all over our country never hear the political tyrants even mention.

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