Doug Gottlieb Sheds Some Light On Jalen Rose’s Comments

You can get four shots of the J&J vaccine and still catch COVID more quickly than ESPN can catch a break this week.

On Wednesday, ESPN basketball analyst Jay Williams mistakenly dubbed Ime Udoka the first black coach of the Boston Celtics. Williams clearly didn’t do his homework since the Celtics have already had five African-American head coaches before Udoka. Many saw Williams’ remark as an idiotic attempt at race baiting that Williams then made worse when he said his account was hacked rather than admit his mistake.

A day later, colleague Jalen Rose went on his show Jalen & Jacoby to double down on the idiocy by calling Kevin Love a “token” white player on the men’s basketball Olympic team to keep the roster from being all black — insinuating racist intent behind Love’s inclusion.

Doug Gottlieb, host of The Doug Gottlieb Show on Fox Sports Radio, held the ESPN commentator accountable by pointing out the many ways in which Kevin Love was qualified to join the squad and that an all-black Team U.S.A. has already represented America in the Olympics back in 2016.

“I believe what he says to be his honest perspective,” said Gottlieb in regards to Jalen’s work as an NBA analyst for ESPN. However, Gottlieb was not afraid to call out Jalen’s misguided comments.

Through fair assessment and recap, the Fox Sports Radio host refuted Rose’s comments and pointed out the clear racial double standard at ESPN.

Gottlieb said, “I think it’s comical that any comments made in jest, or reality, against anyone who’s black is considered racist. If you’re white, you just gotta deal with it.

“Imagine saying that only in the opposite. Can you image how someone might be roasted over the coals for that? You would be fired by the end of the segment.”

Kevin Love previously played as part of the gold medal-winning 2010 FIBA World Championship team and the 2012 Summer Olympics team.

Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. What a shitty take. Rose has gone all in on the BLM bullshit and now only sees race in everything. It’s pretty sad if you ask me. I dont think he was always such a race hustler but last summer made a lot of people dumb.

  2. Gottlieb is probably a middle of the road guy, which in sports media translates to a crazy white supremacist… at least he pushed back somewhat.

    ESPN gets a lot of grief, but FS1 is not far behind with daily woketard propaganda.. I always thought Fox would see the potential in a Fox News model of FS1, but they seem content with racing towards the bottom with non-stop, wall to wall NBA discussion and giving free advertising to MSESPN

  3. It’s sad. I don’t mind Jalen Rose and I like Jay Williams, I don’t find them to be harmful. Yet, their frames of minds openly display that they don’t use intelligence, definitions, logic, to help make decisions. They judge books by their covers. I do find that funny because the 30 for 30 Fab 5 Jalen rips Duke apart, yet both are displaying that it doesn’t matter what the letters of color of your university are, both schools indoctrinate dumb ass racist basketball players.

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