Dan Campbell Drops All-Time Quote About People Thinking He's Dumb

Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell thinks it's a good thing if people believe he's dumb.

Campbell might have only won three games with the Lions in 2021, but the second-year NFL head coach has taken the league by storm with his soundbites and for wearing his emotions on his sleeve.

The man comes off more like the kind of guy you'd expect to meet at your local bar than your standard NFL leader.


Yet, he has no problem with people thinking he's dumb. He sees it as a positive.

"It doesn’t bother me. If you’re an opponent, the dumber you think I am, the better off we are," Campbell told The Athletic when talking about his image and the perception people have of him.

Say whatever you want about Dan Campbell, but he's 100% on this point. People can underestimate him and poke fun at him if they want, but for the first time in a very long time, Detroit football is actually exciting.

Now, I didn't say the Lions are a good or great team. I said Detroit is actually an exciting team, and Dan Campbell is the main reason why.

Look no further than "Hard Knocks" for proof of how electrifying he is as a man. Whenever he speaks, you have to listen because odds are high whatever is coming out of his mouth is gold.

The man gave a speech about grit like he was preparing to defend Bastogne from the Germans in WWII. Is he a football coach or is he a general whipping his troops into a frenzy?

It's kind of hard to tell at times!

Now, the results haven't been there yet on the field, but clearly, Detroit is trending upward. Dan Campbell inherited a horrible situation in Detroit, and before year two has even started, you can tell the team has taken a step forward.

How big of a step? That remains to be seen, but if people want to write Dan Campbell off as he continues to fight and claw his way forward, so be it. They'll do it at their own peril.

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