Michigan Player Claims He Accidentally Shared Insanely Anti-Semitic Message

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Michigan running back Donovan Edwards reportedly shared an incredibly anti-Semitic message Wednesday night.

The talented football player retweeted a video featuring Kanye West with the caption, “Jewish people will literally tell you that they want you to kill your own and humiliate your women simply because they have children to feed,” according to a screenshot captured by Meet at Midfield and Michigan writer Ace Anbender.

In the video, which contains insanely graphic and racist language, Kanye West straight up admitted that his comments were anti-Semitic and also showed a brief clip from “The Breakfast Club.”

University officials did not respond to OutKick when asked for a comment on the situation. We will drop in any update or statement the Wolverines eventually supply.

Donovan Edwards reportedly shared anti-Semitic message on Twitter. (Photo by Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images)

Late Thursday morning, Donovan claimed the RT was an accident, and wrote in part, “The retweet was a glitch. I speak for myself. I know what’s in my heart. I am unequivocally against racism, exploitation & oppression in all forms, including stereotyping and trafficking in hate.”

It’s important to note that when you RT something, Twitter asks you if you want to do it.

Donovan Edwards has multiple concerning things on his Twitter.

This is also hardly the first insanely racist thing that has allegedly appeared on Edwards’ Twitter account.

As of Thursday morning, the very top tweet (outside of the pinned tweet) features a message claiming KKK members are our doctors, lawyers, governors, cops and more.

Michigan running back Donovan Mitchell retweeted a message claiming regular members of society are members of the KKK. (Credit: Twitter)

He also liked a tweet of Louis Farrakhan trashing America. It seems to be a trend with Donovan Edwards to like and share hateful content on social media.

Donovan Edwards shares and likes very questionable content on social media. (Credit: Twitter)

It’s also worth noting that the University of Michigan has one of the largest Jewish student bodies in America. Roughly 14% of students are Jewish, and the latest data indicates there’s 6,500 Jewish students in Ann Arbor.

There’s no excuse for this level of ignorance given the fact Edwards is surrounded by people he could simply talk to.

Donovan Edwards reportedly shared anti-Semitic message. (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)

Hopefully, someone explains to him the stupidity of promoting messages of this nature on social media.

EDITOR’s NOTE: This piece has been updated with Edwards’ explanation.

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