Donna D’Errico Responds To Claims That Her TikTok Account Is ‘Raunchy’ In Victoria’s Secret Lingerie

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The haters are back firing shots at Donna D’Errico. Not one to back down when faced with such adversity, she’s putting on her battle armor – Victoria’s Secret lingerie – and fighting back.

The latest came from a headline describing what still is her first, and only, TikTok video posted on her account. The video features her dancing in a red bikini and is captioned, “I’ve had this account for awhile and never posted anything. Here’s my first post. I hope you like it.”

Donna D'Errico TikTok Donna DErrico
Former Baywatch star’s TikTok account labeled raunchy (Image Credit: Donna D’Errrico/TikTok)

Innocent enough right? Wrong. This week the video was labeled “raunchy” for a clickbait headline and D’Errico took issue with that. She shared a screenshot of the article in question and wrote, “Um… it’s literally one single video of me standing in a bikini.”

“Nice clickbait but I don’t appreciate it since I’m not raunchy and don’t post or do raunchy stuff.”

On Saturday morning D’Errico had more to say about the misleading headline in the form of a message to her haters. She dropped a look in Victoria’s Secret lingerie with the caption, “If this is raunchy then so is @victoriassecret. I think this is pretty.”

“My very first post on tiktok and everyone goes nuts are you serious. With all the smut that’s out there? People kill me. I’m laughing. Link in bio!”

Put Another One Down In The Win Column For Donna D’Errico

It’s the perfect message to the haters and those throwing the raunchy label her way. Additionally, it’s the perfect addition to D’Errico’s birthday month content celebration.

We’re just days away from the big day now. If the lead up to her birthday has been any indication then she has something special in store those who follow her and are mature enough to handle her content.

That shouldn’t be too hard to do. Her content is fun and easily consumable. You don’t have to add anything or try to stretch it for added effect.

Donna D’Errico is a professional. She wraps everything up in a neat content package for you and her work speaks for itself.

Written by Sean Joseph

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