Donald Trump Praises Dana White, Says He’s One Of The Few Irreplaceable People In Business

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Donald Trump is a big fan of UFC President Dana White.

The former President of the United States and White have a longstanding friendship, and that was on full-display during UFC 287 a couple weekends ago.

Trump entered the arena in Miami, and the place went absolutely wild. White later said on Fox News, “It’s insane, you know, if you think about this, I’ve been doing this for, like, 23 years. When you’re walking with Trump, it’s a whole ‘nother level, man. The entire place erupted. Everybody was going crazy, and it was fun.”

Well, the admiration between the men is definitely a two-way street.

Donald Trump is very impressed by Dana White.

“He’s amazing. We walked in and he said he’s never seen anything like that. That was a good walk-in. The place went crazy. It went wild,” Trump said on the “Full Send Podcast” when talking about his appearance at UFC 287 and his relationship with Dana White. He also noted he had “100% support” in the Kaseya Center for the event.

The 45th President of the United States then lavished Dana White with some very high praise. The Republican politician thinks White is one of the very few irreplaceable people in the business world.

“Dana is amazing. Dana is one of the few people that you can say, probably [the UFC] could never be the same without him. Everybody’s replaceable, they say. As you get older you hear that…Dana is very unique and what he’s done with the UFC is incredible actually,” the current Republican frontrunner further explained.

Trump also noted he has “continued support” from the UFC president, who he views as a very “tough guy.”

White and Trump are a powerful duo.

Again, White and Trump have had a friendship for years. In fact, Donald Trump played a big part in the UFC getting its start.

When Dana White needed a venue to host fights way back in the day, the real estate mogul was more than happy to lend a helping hand.

Dana White and Donald Trump are old friends. (Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

The rest is history. They’ve been huge fans of each other ever since. Even when Trump has faced serious criticism, Dana White has made it crystal clear he’ll always be a supporter.

“This guy’s been so good to me it’s unexplainable,” Dana White told Tucker Carlson back in September.

The two also share some similarities when it comes to dealing with the media. Neither is afraid to go on offense.

White famously told OutKick’s Mike Gunzelman that he has a sign in his office that states he hopes God has mercy on his enemies because he won’t.

Sounds very similar to Trump!

There’s no doubt the bromance between Trump and Dana White is here to stay, and neither cares who knows it.

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