Domonique Foxworth Admitted to Former Colleague His Schtick Is to ‘Make People Mad’

Remember Domonique Foxworth? The ESPN guy you first heard about this week who said he roots for Josh Allen to fail because his fans support the American flag and dogs? Yeah, that guy.

Jonathan Coachman, who used to work at ESPN, said that Foxworth admitted to him that his schtick is just to “make people mad.” How uncreative. No wonder it’s not working.

Given his reputation and the ratings of the shows Foxworth appears on, a WWE-style character change would be more useful. Maybe he should try humor? Nah, he has already tried that on a show called Highly Questionable with former TV and radio host Bomani Jones, Katie Nolan, and current radio host Sarah Spain. It hasn’t worked. He’s still not funny.

This week, the only thing dumber than Foxworth’s anti-dog, anti-American flag comments are his comments in reaction to his anti-dog, anti-American flag comments. (Though the week isn’t over.) After getting dunked on by Allen’s teammates, Foxworth claimed his comments were taken out of context. Quickly, all those who have access to the internet checked back. Nope, nothing was taken out of context. At least Twitter got to enjoy another crushing of Foxworth.

Here’s a good one:

There’s a lesson here: don’t ignore your bosses and say things just to make people mad. There’s now a precedent for it. It’s not good.

Here’s Clay Travis’ take on the idiotic ESPN analyst:

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. It didn’t make me angry. It rather confirmed to me reason # 4,813 that ESPN ‘programming’ is a smoldering heap of hot garbage.

    Will be watching with amusement as ‘the mothership’ (as Dan Patrick calls it) continues to go down in flames. They deserve it.

  2. I think its hilarious for people on the right to think what he said had anything to do with race. When did white people become the symbol of flag waving Americans? Who gave them that label? Who gets to choose who’s more American than the rest? I’ll wait

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