Bad News for Anti-American Flag, Anti-Dog Domonique Foxworth: Josh Allen Is Great

You are probably wondering why Domonique Foxworth, known for forcing only three fumbles in more than six seasons in the NFL, is the focus of a Josh Allen story. Since retirement, Foxworth has worked as a far-Left analyst for ESPN. It turns out, he’s a rather hateful one, too.

With no shame, Foxworth admitted to former TV host Bomani Jones that he actively roots for Josh Allen to fail. He wants him to be unsuccessful, and the reason why is even more telling. According to Foxworth, he wishes Allen’s career harm because his fans support dogs and the American flag.

That’s right, America and dogs are a no-go at ESPN.

These comments are wild. Imagine the fall out if a white ESPN analyst said he rooted against Lamar Jackson because of his followers. He’d be unemployed within five minutes.

— Clay Travis ClayTravis Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Aside from how radical Foxworth’s comments are, they are also a bit funny. Foxworth is aggressively rooting for a subject he covers to fail, a player who is on the verge of stardom.

This isn’t the same as rooting against Colin Kaepernick when he lost his job to Blaine Gabbert. Kaepernick was struggling on the field. Allen is actually a great player, one of the best players in his sport. After Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen is the most coveted franchise QB in the NFL.

Allen also has the best arm in the league. As former NFL QB Jim Miller said this week, “Physically, Josh Allen can do things that no other QB in the NFL can do.”

Including Mahomes.

“No. Mahomes can’t do what Josh Allen can do,” Milles goes on “Josh Allen has the bigger arm than Mahomes, Josh is the better athlete than Mahomes. He may not be as savvy as Mahomes right now; Mahomes is a savvy player and he’s gifted athletically too. But I’m telling you, Allen is more physically gifted.”

And the best part is that Allen is only 60% of what he can be. If all goes right, he will become a bigger, stronger, and more athletic version of a Madden-created QB. (Does Foxworth like Madden? Some of the users like dogs, I hear.)

As Colin Cowherd said, behind Allen, the Bills are the NFL’s best team. Imagine the reaction if Allen leads his team to the Super Bowl. Would ESPN just cover the NBA regular-season games during Super Bowl week? Actually, it does that anyway.

If Foxworth is going to root for failure, he shouldn’t aim at one of the future faces of the NFL. Instead, he should focus on sure-bet failures. Some ideas: Adam Gase, Anthony Lynn, the NBA’s ratings, “jokes” from Jemele Hill and Cari Champion, and Highly Questionable‘s new rotation.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. My god ESPN is one of the worst run businesses in America. In high school and college, even in my 20’s and early 30’s, my TV was usually tunes to ESPN all day long. They reported actual sports, not just the NBA, and was interesting. Even if it was just highlights. The ESPN Radio lineup was gold, with Mike & Mike, Dan Patrick, Kornheiser and then Cowherd. Now it is a dumpster fire that I couldn’t be paid enough to listen to. Mike Greenberg is the most vanilla radio personality in the business, and the rest are just left wing, liberal woke opinion makers that nobody wants to listen to. I have canceled every ESPN membership that I have or do own (ESPN+, fantasy leagues are run on NFL/CBS) and I stay off their channels and airwaves. Doing whatever I can to tank their business.

    • If it wasn’t for live sports programming I would never watch ESPN. The family of networks shows so many live games of my alma mater I can’t quit it completely. I agree with the remainder of your post.

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