Dolphins CB Xavien Howard Facing Assault Lawsuit From Mother of His Children: Report

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Pro Bowl Dolphins cornerback Xavien Howard, 29, is facing a lawsuit alleging physical assault by his fiancee and mother of his children. The lawsuit, first reported by Fox Sports 640’s Andy Slater, stems from a physical altercation from 2019 where Howard exhibited physical abuse toward her, which according to her 9-1-1 phone call was part of a pattern of abuse by the NFL player.

Howard’s Facing Serious Trouble With Lawsuit

Per Slater, “Howard is being sued for assault and battery by the mother of his children. His attorney tells me the allegations stem from already twice-investigated 2020 incidents.”

Howard’s attorneys released a statement late Monday, dismissing the assault claim.

The serious but baseless allegations alleged in this lawsuit, some of which have already been recanted by the accuser, have already been thoroughly investigated TWICE, resulting in both law enforcement and the NFL exonerating Xavien of any wrongdoing.

When Xavien refused to pay the $12 million demanded in exchange for not filing the case, it was unfortunately filed.

Xavien wishes to treat everyone with respect, especially the mother of his children and will not have any comment at this time. My office is already preparing a sanctions letter because we believe this matter has absolutely no basis in fact.

Howard was first arrested in Florida on Dec. 29, 2019, after Davie Police received a distress call from a woman alleging that Howard was physically abusing her.

The police report noted that the woman had scratches and bruising on her wrist and forearm. Additional details revealed that Howard grabbed her, pushed her against a glass wall and injured her with a crutch he was utilizing at the time.

Howard was arrested on Domestic Battery charges, as relayed by TMZ Sports.

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“My fiancee continues to think he can just push me, throw me into the wall without me doing nothing just because of who he is,” Howard’s ex-fiancee said in the emergency call.

She further informed the responding operator:

“But it’s kind of getting to a point, it’s like, it’s getting physical. … Every time a situation happens, it’s always like, ‘Oh, don’t do this,’ or ‘Oh, well you will be OK, don’t call the cops.’ But it’s like, OK, like him just pushing me into the mirror, grabbing my arm, grabbing me by my neck, like this is probably the last day that’s going to happen.”

The CB caught a break in 2020 when Broward County State Attorney’s Office dismissed the assault charge.

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