Dodgers Announce They Are Releasing Pitcher Trevor Bauer

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Aside from Carlos Correa, the Trevor Bauer might have been the most interesting saga in the MLB offseason.

In 2021, Bauer was placed on administrative leave by Major League Baseball pending an investigation into domestic violence allegations.

Despite local district attorneys in Pasadena declining to press charges, Bauer was eventually suspended for two seasons. That was the longest suspension ever issued under MLB’s policy, and Bauer appealed.

After a lengthy deliberation, an arbitrator reduced his suspension significantly. Along with the end of the suspension, he was immediately reinstated to the league.


That meant the Dodgers had two weeks to decide whether to re-add him to the roster, release him, or try and find a trade.

Friday marked the deadline, and the Dodgers announced their decision in a late afternoon press release.

The team didn’t explain any reasoning behind the decision other than referencing the length of Bauer’s suspension. While referencing “careful consideration,” they simply announced he will no longer be part of the organization.

Trevor Bauer
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – JUNE 28: Trevor Bauer #27 of the Los Angeles Dodgers returns to the dugout after the top of the first inning against the San Francisco Giants at Dodger Stadium on June 28, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images)

Dodgers Unsurprising Choice on Bauer

This was always the most likely outcome for the Dodgers and Bauer.

While still an elite pitcher if healthy and available, the inevitable PR backlash was always likely to be too much for LA to take.

For the Dodgers, the additional baggage was always going to be a tough hurdle considering their media market. Even though the best competitive decision was to reinstate him.

Assuming Bauer is healthy and ready to return to the mound immediately, he would be one of the best 10-15 pitchers in baseball.

Instead, they’ll likely eat the $22 million he’s owed the rest of the season to avoid the potential criticism.

For Bauer, assuming he’s not traded, he’ll be eligible to sign anywhere for the MLB minimum $720,000 salary.

Given his talent level, that makes him an extremely desirable target for competitive teams. It remains to be seen if anyone will be willing to deal with antagonistic sports media and potential criticism.

Bauer issued a statement following the Dodgers release, saying that organizational leaders wanted him to return.

If true, that lends credibility to the idea that the team felt the PR damage would be too significant.

Many have wondered if he’d ever pitch in MLB again after the suspension. That question is still to be determined, but one thing is for certain.

It won’t be with the Dodgers.

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