DJ Khaled Shouts Out Maryland Football, Calls Out The Critics

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The University of Maryland Terrapins have rolled to a 4-1 record this season, and after their latest victory — a 27-13 win over Michigan State — the team got a special message from DJ Khaled.

Why DJ Khaled?

Why not DJ Khaled?!

“University of Maryland; Coach Locks,” the multi-hyphenate DJ-producer-author said. “They didn’t believe in us. God did. That’s right, man, congratulations on all the blessings.

“Y’all keep going. Don’t stop. DJ Khaled sending nothin’ but love and blessings your way,” he added in the third-person, before returning to the main theme of his message. “They didn’t believe in us. God did. *self-satisfied chuckle* GOD DID!”

“Let’s go, keep going!”

That message had to have gotten the boys going as they look ahead to a meeting with Purdue this weekend.

Catchphrase genius DJ Khaled may have handed the University of Maryland a new t-shirt-ready slogan. (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)

DJ Khaled Just Gifted The Terps A Great New T-Shirt-Ready Catchphrase

I know I already mentioned DJ Khaled is a multi-hyphenate DJ-producer-author, but even writing that I’m not sure what exactly it is that he does. I know he makes some music, rides jetskis a lot, and doesn’t tolerate spicy foods very well.

However, this video message showed me that there’s one thing I know he can do especially well: coin catchphrases.

He already has “Another one” and just yelling his own name as signature catchphrases, but I’m adding “God did” to that list. It says a lot in just two short, very-easy-to-print-on-merch words.

If the Terps aren’t jumping at this opportunity to roll out a line of DJ Khaled-inspired swag, similar to the way Penn State embraced Chad Powers, I’ll be stunned.

Also, if you’re still wondering if DJ Khaled has a connection to Maryland, the best I could do is that when the Terps unveiled their flag-inspired jerseys in 2011, they did so to Khaled’s tune “All I Do Is Win.”

That’s not quite true, because since then the team is 54-80. They’ve done a bit more losing than winning.

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