Body Cam Video Shows Police Lighting Up Aaron Hernandez’s Brother With A Taser

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Police didn’t hesitate to hit D.J. Hernandez with a taser when arresting him.

Aaron Hernandez’s brother was arrested in mid-July after fears he was allegedly plotting possible school shootings.

The Bristol Police Department has now released body camera footage from his July 19 arrest. Footage shows that the former Patriots player and convicted murderer’s brother was tasered after refusing orders to get down.

At one point, he appeared to be encouraging police to shoot him. The Bristol cops also showed up in force with rifles out ready to rock and roll. You can watch the intense takedown below.

D.J. Hernandez tasered by police after refusing to follow commands.

Police made contact with Hernandez and arrested him after credible claims that he might be planning to carry out a shooting.

Specifically, police were informed the former football player went to UConn and Brown University on what might have been a scouting expedition to see buildings and classrooms, according to TMZ. He made this trip instead of showing up to a mandatory court date.

He also allegedly posted a message on social media that stated, “Will I kill? Absolutely, I’ve warned my enemies so pay up front.”

D.J. Hernandez was ultimately charged with threatening and breach of peace and his bond was set at $250,000.

It was his latest legal issue in a long string of legal issues, including throwing a brick at ESPN’s Bristol headquarters. However, this one certainly appears to be the most serious.

Police don’t show up in overwhelming numbers unless there’s serious concern for how things might go down. These Bristol officers also showed up open carrying rifles, which is a sign they were ready for anything.

Body camera footage released of D.J. Hernandez being tased. (Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images)

Ultimately, D.J. Hernandez didn’t follow commands to get on the ground and he was shocked for it. Fortunately, the situation didn’t end much worse. Walking towards cops with weapons pointed at you while seemingly encouraging them to kill you is a recipe for disaster. D.J. Hernandez should consider himself very lucky.

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