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Disney/ESPN Silent As New Contributor Jemele Hill Says All Trump Voters Are Racist

Total250 ESPN, the worldwide leader in far left wing sports, doesn’t respect you if you are conservative, moderate, or a mainstream Democratic voter. They only respect far left wing politics and ideologies. That’s fine, it’s their business right to do so, but it’s continuing to destroy their brand with the majority of sports fans in More

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Written by Clay Travis

Clay Travis is an author, radio show host, lawyer, TV analyst, and the founder of OutKick (formerly known as Outkick the Coverage).
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  1. We already have a perfect precedent for this. Does anybody remember back when the guy who does the MNF jingle went on Fox and Friends and called Obama “the enemy”? ESPN was APPALLED and immediately cut ties with him, despite the fact he was not an employee or independant contractor. The fact they will use that as an excuse to do nothing about their renewed relationship with Jemelle Hill speaks to their failure to uphold their supposed ‘no politics’ policy. They of course eventually brought back the guy for MNF in recent years, but that may have been a response to their short-lived dedication to stepping away from politics.

  2. Jemele Hill is one of the reasons I stopped watching ESPN programming 3 years ago when she enlightened me on my white supremacy and racism for being a conservative… I guess you fight supposed racism with racism and that somehow gets you likes and retweets, therefore making you relevant for being woke. For now it seems to be working out for her bank account.

  3. Pretty narrow focus group being leveraged to determine this is desired and acceptable behavior from one of your key personalities. I moved on from MSESPN once politics and agendas were injected into their coverage.

  4. This is a symptom of why I’ve unsubscribed to all ESPN podcasts. The last one I was subscribed to was “The Will Cain Show.”

    My guess is that ESPN management was in a real quandary over TWCS. It was probably one of the most highly-rated shows that they had but they hated his views at the same time. Politics must have won because he is gone.

    It was so boring to hear commentators figuratively push each other out of the way to talk about how tone-deaf Drew Brees was but then spend about 1/100th the amount of time on DeSean Jackson and Stephen Jackson.

    Really those guys (Jacksons) are just incredibly uneducated and probably conspiratorially oriented. I’ve heard those kinds of things before (Black Hebrews) from black people just like I hear white people talk about “the Rothschilds.” I politely refuse to support either viewpoint when they try to get me to buy into their paranoid beliefs. Of course, they end up saying that I’m naive, etc. but I just hope that I can plant a small seed of doubt about their faith.

    Basically, I don’t go to sports talk radio/podcasts to be lectured about how woke the hosts are and how borderline racist I am for supporting all lives matter but not the political organization “Black Lives Matter.”

    Could you imagine being shunned by for not supporting the NRA? Seriously, imagine if a sports network, through the vast majority of their hosts, supported and advocated for the NRA?? Then any caller would be belittled for not being American because they didn’t support the NRA. Yes, it would be ridiculous.

    I’m just using the NRA as an example of a political organization, I don’t support the NRA any more than I support BLM. I do, however, support the Constitution of the United States.

  5. It’s unfortunate that ESPN is owned by Disney. It would be such a fun joy to read how they are hemorrhaging money but alas, they dip into the Disney slush fund to keep wokecenter alive. It gives Disney a giant platform to push their political agenda without having to damage or involve the Disney product.

  6. We need to stop responding to ESPN’s continuing adventures in ever more woke propaganda as if it’s a legitimate sports network. They know exactly what they are doing. Spotlighting the hypocrisy, the doubles standards, the lock step ideological cultism is like criticizing the capital M mob for murder and racketeering. It’s part of the business model.

    ESPN is not trying to be fair. ESPN is not interested in politics-free sports programming. ESPN is not concerned about alienating 50% of their audience. No, that is their mission. Why do you hire Colin Kapernick? Colin surmised it was about getting ahead of bad NYT press claiming that the world thought leader was, you guessed it … racist. Maybe. I say it’s because Colin Kaepernick — and Jemele “White supremacists are in my cupboards” Hill — share ESPN’s world view. They believe in and spread the gospel for which ESPN wants to proselytize: cops are brutal, evil pigs; America is an irredeemable, racist, misogynist dystopia; LGBTQ activism is more important than highlights and analysis; Donald Trump is a Marvel Supervillain more terrible than the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

    Don’t get me wrong: Clay’s piece is dead on. But it’s a mistake to continue treating ESPN’s gleeful transition into a 24/7, in-our-face, left wing megaphone as something which any rational adults still in the room in Bristol would desire to correct. ESPN has shown us exactly what it is. It holds in contempt anyone who does not share its radical progressivism. We should respond accordingly.

  7. An open confession to Outkick readers:

    While I stopped watching MSESPN several years ago due to the political diatribe rampant on most shows, I did have a subscription to MSESPN+ solely to watch the UFC fights. This article was the last straw, so I cancelled my subscription and replaced it with a VIP subscription to Outkick.

    Keep up the good work, gentlemen and ladies!

    Note to Dana White: Please find a new platform so I can continue to watch my favorite sport.

  8. Clay — Please interview Thomas Sowell about Jamele Hill’s comments . Sowell is a renowned African American scholar and historian, and is a senior fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institution. He said: “If racism isn’t dead in American, it’s on life support.

  9. The only value in ESPN these days is the live sports coverage and the occasional replay of a classic game or match. Aside from College Gameday, I haven’t watched any of their programming in a few years. Gameday seems to be the only sports only holdout left on that station. In fact, replacing Chris Fowler with Rece Davis has actually improved it substantially in that respect. I actually saw James Carville do a guest spot on the show when they were in Baton Rogue and enjoyed it. That’s the beauty of sports, you can put the politics aside for a while and enjoy the company of somebody you’d normally be at odds with. Let’s hope Gameday stays that way, because I’d hate to have to tune it out. You’d think somebody in the Disney brain trust would notice these things.

  10. I have stopped visiting ESPN’s website entirely. If you oppose their actions (and inaction) I would recommend you stop hitting their site for sports news. Remove it as a favorite, delete it, move on. This is how you can speak loudest. Site traffic informs the ESPN leadership that people still use their product. Stop using it. There are 100 sports news sites out there not pushing anti-America propaganda, like this one!

  11. I remember the day vividly that i stopped watching ESPN except for MNF. It was the first day SC6 aired. It was quite frankly the worst sports show in television history and the ratings can back me up on that. I would wager that the “podcasts” that Richard Christy and Sal Governale prank call have/had a bigger audience. The Kapernick documentary will fail as well.

  12. Clay, you are amazing and Outkick is amazing! I just signed up as a VIP. About Jemele, I just looked at her twitter page. She is ridiculous. It is exactly like Whitlock says. She is addicted to tweeting for attention. She probably sits at home, waiting for someone to be accused of something. And whether accusation is right or wrong, she just starts tweeting out ridiculous cliches: “welp”, “well now’, “whew chile, the devil is busy”, or “this energy!”, with a reference to whatever story she just found, and completely without journalistic integrity or any insight whatsoever. She truly is a pathetic addict of attention. She contributes absolutely nothing to a conversation but fake smiles and an even faker laugh. Wokecenter found a real winner with her. I’d love to see you expose more of Jemele and wokecenters hypocrisy! Thank God for OutKick!

  13. Slander much? I don’t expect anything coming from Disney. They’ve remained untouched during all these name changes despite being one of largest US corporations despite being named after an open-Semite

  14. As a Jemele defined ‘racist,’ I have to express relentless gratitude and encouragement to OutKick for being one of America’s very few sources of rational thoughts and words…

    THANK YOU, Clay, Jason, Doc Chao & the rest of the crew!!!!

    At the end of my work day, before I turn the key, I click and share Outkick the Show:

    THRILLED that so many still LOVE America;
    THRILLED that Outkick’s base is BOOMING.

    GO, OUTKICK!!!!

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