Jemele Hill Calls All Trump Voters Racist; Turns Out Her Mom Voted for Him

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Historically, it’s been complicated to determine why an American votes for a particular presidential candidate. It could vary from income level, religion, background, location, family size, upbringing, past experiences, education, and so forth. Luckily, it’s much simpler now. You are either racist or not racist. That’s at least according to Jemele Hill.

Hill put it in simple terms, without logic, of course. If you vote for Donald Trump, you are a racist.

“No wiggle room,” she added for emphasis.

You’d think Hill probably doesn’t associate herself with any Trump voters after a tweet like that. They are beneath her. They are racist!

Oh, wait. Does her own mother count?

In 2017, before totally embracing her miserable, hateful persona, Hill admitted her mom voted for Trump.

It turns out, Jemele Hill’s mom is a blatant racist, per her daughter’s logic.

On her quest to make Americans as unhappy as she is, Hill disregards reason and fairness. At this point, she doesn’t even think about who she’s calling racist; the label is too effective for her. It’s to her following what the 3-point shot is to Steph Curry: the equalizer.

Hill — like many in the media — has let her hatred toward Trump ruin their ability to think properly.

Her tweet was shallow, irresponsible, lazy, and concerning. This is conspiracy-level bigotry. Her tweet was intended to install fear into anyone online who thought about supporting Trump. She was reaffirming that if you don’t think exactly as she does, you will be labeled a racist. A term that could cost you your job.

Hill ought to be ashamed of herself, but we know she isn’t. Her tweet was retweeted 60,000 times and liked another 263,000. Instead, it’s on her employers to be ashamed and humiliated. Also, ESPN, which just inked a deal with her to produce a documentary on Colin Kaepernick. ESPN got back into business with an individual who called half of its viewers racist. That will not sit well with viewers.

A sane person knows all this. Unfortunately, Twitter isn’t made up of the sane. Nor is the list of media executives. Hill’s blatant hateful, fear-installing personality is promoted by major media outlets: the Atlantic, ESPN, The Ringer/Spotify. She’s gotten rich off of it.

As for the truth, despite what fearmongering clowns tweet: you are not racist if you vote for Trump. You are also not racist if you vote for Joe Biden.

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Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack is a writer for OutKick where he reports and analyzes the latest media topics as well as trending sports, cultural and political stories.

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  1. Hey Bobby,
    Like Clay says in his book, Hill does not allow dissent/backlash when she makes her proclamations. It’s a matter of right or wrong when she accuses you of being a racist…she’s right in her twisted head and you’re wrong. No wiggle room. She’d be a bundle of laughs in the Moot Court Competition.
    Great stuff, Bobby.

  2. ESPN is going to tank and I’m willing to bet their Kap “documentary” will be one of the least watched in their history. Like I’ve said previously, i avoid ESPN like the plague. What used to be my go to for morning talk radio (back in the old days of Tony Kornheiser, The Herd and DP), SportsCenter highlights and sports talk is no more. Who wants to tune in to ESPN to hear left wing politics and news updates on the death of a senator. You think if Mitch McConnell passed away they say anything. Of course not. I only watch ESPN if they are carrying a game my team is playing in, or a must see 30 for 30 like the Bulls doc. Nothing else. That company is a disgrace.

    • I think the Kap doc will actually do pretty well but only because home boy is polarizing. He will get a lot of viewership from non-sports fans and lefties but I think it will continue to hurt the bread and butter of their regular audience – people who actually watch sports.

  3. No surprise from the race baiting Jemele Hill. To label half the country as racist is a simpleton argument. It is as bad as the actual racists giving reasons for thinking some other race of people is inferior. Sad that so many people liked the Tweet though. Sheeple.

  4. Bobby, thank you for writing about Jemele’s hypocrisy. I agree with you that she wants to make us all as unhappy as she is, but sadly, there are a lot of people who don’t see her for who she is. It’s scary what is happening to our country.

  5. Trump could not find a better person to galvanize his base than hate filled, Marxists like Ms. HIll spouting the filth that comes from her mind onto the public consciousness. There is some irony in the fact that the people who purport to hate Trump and everyone that supports him over the Democratic alternative are motivated by those on the other side having such a platform that their hate gets broadcast exponentially more than Trump’s own camp. Their hate fuels Trump’s engine; almost makes one wonder if the Marxists aren’t more invested in ways to keep Trump in office so they have a foil than to actually do anything constructive.

  6. Bobby you hit the nail on the head. Jemele is addicted to attention and wants to make us all as miserable as she is. I checked out her twitter page yesterday and I wasn’t sure if I was looking at a twitter page for a moron like Jake Paul or an actual journalist. It was filled with ridiculous cliches. And when she wasn’t tweeting trite cliches she showed that she is completely without insight and creative thought. She wrote something about NRA right wingers not liking black and brown people. I am not a member of NRA but I have been to gun shows. And I can you that people of all races and backgrounds are surprisingly compassionate to each other. They find common humanity they didn’t know they had. It is like the SNL skit when Tom Hanks is on black Jeopardy. Poor people of all races have a lot more in common than they know. They share a lot more of humanity with each other than they do with elites like Jemele. The Tom Hanks skit is funny because it is true that the poor red neck is actually very similar on the inside to the black contestants. It is elitists like Jemele who teach us we are supposed to hate and fear each other.

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