Dillon Brooks Dodged LA Media After Losing Games, NBA Fines Troublemaker $25,000 For Skipping Interviews

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In the NBA, skipping postgame interviews costs players more in fines than flipping the bird on live TV. Players can also cuss out NBA officials and surrender fewer dollars than violating media access policies. Something for Dillon Brooks to think about …

Memphis Grizzlies goon Dillon Brooks left his final mark on the 2023 NBA Playoffs after getting fined $25,000 by the league. Brooks got flagged for skipping postgame media sessions during the Grizzlies-Lakers first-round playoff series, notably the sessions that took place in LA.

What does this say about one of the league’s biggest trash-talkers this season? It says the lights were too bright for Brooks and that running scared after every loss to LA was easier than facing the music.

In a statement released by NBA Executive Vice President Joe Dumars, Brooks was guilty of skipping mandated postgame interviews and fined the 25K.

Lights Too Bright For Dillon Brooks

This season’s most volatile and cocky player couldn’t handle the heat in LA. Brooks violated the league’s media access policies by skipping all three postgame sessions that took place at the Lakers’ Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles.

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As the two-seeded Grizzlies began falling to the seventh-seeded Lakers, so did Brook’s macho-man rhetoric.

Brooks teased before the start of the postseason that the Lakers would be an easy matchup in the first round. He got his wish and was booted by the LakeShow in six games.

Womp womp …

Dillon Brooks Dooms Memphis By Poking The Bear

Brooks also poked at LeBron early in the series, calling him “old” only to get smacked upside the head by the 38-year-old throughout the series.

If anything, Brooks’ trash-talking really drove the Lakers up the wall and to victory. After James and Co. eliminated the Grizzlies on Friday night, LeBron beelined to the locker room — uninterested in shaking hands with the team that talked the loudest all year.

Dillon Brooks
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It’s safe to say Brooks was done dirty by all his gibbering. Brooks proved to be a limited player in the series (averaging a measly 10.5 points per game), known mostly for talking up big game without any play to prove it.

When it comes to playing tough, Brooks is no Jimmy Butler; he’s no Draymond Green; heck, he may not even be worth mentioning in the same sentence as Lance Stephenson. But he went all-in on the verbal jabs this year, only to flop hard in the postseason.

Dillon Brooks enters the offseason as an unrestricted free agent.

Will Brooks return to Memphis?

Dillon Brooks
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