Detroit Lions Making Calls About Trading First Round Pick: REPORT

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The Detroit Lions might be trying to move one of the team’s two first round picks.

The Lions hold the sixth (via the Rams) and 18th picks in the first round of the NFL Draft this Thursday night.

After a surprisingly successful 9-8 season in Dan Campbell’s second year, the Lions now have the chance to add two great pieces, especially with the sixth overall pick.

However, the Lions might only end up drafting once Thursday night.

Detroit is reportedly kicking the tires on trading out of the 18th spot. (Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images)

Albert Breer wrote Monday that he’s “heard the Lions have already made calls on trading down from No. 18.”

The team is definitely not moving the sixth pick, but it looks like Dan Campbell and company might be kicking the tires on trading back and building some future capital.

Believe it or not, the Detroit Lions don’t actually need a ton of new pieces. Generally speaking, the Lions have holes all over the place every single draft.

Detroit has been a punchline in the NFL for decades, and I say that as Lions fan. You simply can’t hide from the truth.

Whether the team is cursed or simply has horrible luck, the franchise seems to fall and tumble year after year.

Will the Detroit Lions trade the 18th overall pick? (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

Now, the tide has shifted. Dan Campbell won nine games in year two and there’s not missing pieces all over the field. Jeff Okudah was traded to the Falcons, and the Lions need a CB1 and could use some help on defense up front.

Many people think the team should also draft a new QB to replace Jared Goff, but it’s unlikely any great QB option is available at six. Don’t bank on that happening.

If Detroit can grab a CB or a DT and then draft the 18th pick to stock up elsewhere, it would likely be viewed as a win Thursday night.

Will the Lions draft a QB to replace Jared Goff? (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

No matter what happens, there’s nobody who can claim Detroit isn’t heading in the right direction. The 2022 campaign was the franchise’s best since 2017, and there was a great jump from 2021. Campbell and the Lions went 3-13-1 in 2021. Going from three wins to nine in one year is outstanding. Now, it’s time for the Lions to add some more talent and take another step. With Aaron Rodgers out of the NFC North, there’s definitely a window of opportunity for Detroit. For the first time in a long time, fans are entering a new season with lots of hope.

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