Deshaun Watson Accuser Count Close to 2 Dozen; Lawyer Denies Working With Texans to Keep Watson in Houston

The Houston attorney who filed seven civil lawsuits against Deshaun Watson over sexual misconduct allegations days ago said he’s prepared to add five more suits against the Houston Texans quarterback.

Tony Buzbee said his law firm has spoken to more than 10 women — beyond the 12 he is already representing — for a total of at least 22 women.

Buzbee said during a news conference he has vetted each woman’s claims in the cases he has filed, including the first plaintiff who came to him — he said the next suits will be filed “in due course” but did not specify a timeline.

The Houston Chronicle reports that Buzbee attempted to dismiss rumors that he worked with the Houston Texans’ ownership to bring the lawsuits against Watson after the quarterback said he was willing to sit out next season if the team does not trade him.

“Yes, I live on River Oaks Boulevard and I live near the McNair family,” Buzbee said, per the Houston Chronicle. “I don’t know the McNair family. I wouldn’t recognize Cal or Hal, or whatever his name is, if I saw him on the street. This case has nothing to do with the Texans, has nothing to do with free agency. The timing? I don’t know anything about that silliness and I frankly don’t care about it.”

Buzbee says he knew from the start the case “would generate a lot of interest” and took steps to ensure things checked out, the Chronicle reports.

“I understood that this case would generate a lot of interest,” Buzbee said. “I wanted to make damn sure that what she was saying was plausible, was right and true. And I was convinced after visiting with her that she was telling the absolute truth,” Buzbee said at a news conference from his office in downtown Houston. “To be quite honest, she’s a very brave person. Her story certainly passes the smell test.”

Buzbee also revealed his firm has been formally contacted by the Houston Police Department over a potential criminal investigation into the NFL quarterback, ABC 13 reports.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, attorney Tony Buzbee informed followers that Deshaun Watson is under a review of the NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy. Courtesy of ABC13. Buzbee reuploaded a cropped version on IG later.

During the news conference he held, Buzbee said he was contacted by the Houston police regarding Watson’s sexual misconduct allegations. On Friday, Buzbee posted a screenshot of a conversation with an individual named “Detective” on Instagram.

Courtesy of Tony Buzbee’s Instagram.

Within hours, Houston Police Department issued a statement that said the agency was not aware of any contact between its department and Buzbee.

David Mulugheta, Watson’s agent, joined in on the social media conversations before the police department had a chance to respond to Buzbee. Watson’s agent said he simply hopes “we keep this same energy with the truth.”

Written by Megan Turner

Megan graduated from the University of Central Florida and writes and tweets about anything related to sports. She replies to comments she shouldn't reply to online and thinks the CFP Rankings are absolutely rigged. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.


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    • lol, so true! Want to deflect from a personal scandal, declare you are a Democrat running for office, brilliant! The Hunter Biden case and the Cuomo reaction (remember, even though we knew of the nursing home scandal during the Trump administration, MSM coverage didn’t happen until the coast was clear so to speak)

  1. I just hope for the truth, that’s it….but this doesn’t move the needle as far as my own life is concerned. The one thing that seems to be disturbing is this Attorney Buzbee. He’s obviously an ambulance chaser. Just do your fucking job and stop posting shit. Is he prepping for a possible job with The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN or MSNBC??

  2. Am I the only one that finds it absurd that there could possibly be THIS many women? 22 of them, most of which are in the SAME profession? Some may see that as a trend against Watson, but I see it as suspicious especially with the way this lawyer rubs me the WRONG way. Why is all this so public? It’s weird. HE’S weird.

  3. This is the second time as well that he’s posted pictures of cell phone texts without proof that the texts are from the people in question. Unless I’m mistaken and am only seeing a cropped part of the pictures that actually shows more. Why shouldn’t I think these are ‘shops?

  4. Buzbee is a plaintiff lawyer, see also John Edwards, they put the f*cking slime in f*cking slimeballs. Of course he is going to relish in putting the screws to Watson, who puts the balls in f*cking slimeballs. Watson had to know this trail was out there and could have made it all go away with some $$$ now it’s gonna be all his $$$, no endorsements for him. BTW, this lawyer is big time and he wouldn’t go through all this crap and get the police involved just to strongarm Watson, he’s got the goods. It wouldn’t surprise me if he brings the Texans into the one of the suits citing the connection to the coach who introduced Watson to one of the victims.

  5. I think it is because of the publicity by the attorney that there are so many woman calling in. I just don’t think he believed it would be this many. It’s almost as if there are too many. Say he files that many and just one turns out to be BS, the rest look weaker. But its still too much. This is going to get messy for QB1

    • Its kind of like the catholic priests diddling kids, when one family has the guts to stand up others say hey now I don’t have to be afraid anymore. Just saying its a possibility. You are probably right though in that some of the 22 are just trying to jump on the gravy train.

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