Deshaun Watson Sexual Assault Lawsuits Now Up To 12 Women

Friday afternoon update:

Tony Buzbee says he now represents 12 women who will have claims against Deshaun Watson. “We are now representing 12 women and we will file five more cases in due course,” Buzbee said Friday. “we have spoken to more than 10 additional women.”

Other information learned during Buzbee’s Friday press conference:

  • 7 African Americans / 2 Hispanic / 3 Caucasian
  • 3 married / 1 engaged / all others single mothers
  • One was referred to Deshaun by Texans
  • Quincy Avery (HOU QB coach) referred Deshaun to one of his clients
  • Agent/lawyer for Deshaun showed “dismissive behavior and incredible arrogance,” so had to go public with lawsuits
  • Buzbee said he doesn’t need the fame & the women don’t want it
  • Buzbee adds that the Houston Police Department is now looking into the allegations that are being made
  • An incident happened as recently as THIS month — AFTER they had been in contact with Watson’s camp
  • Took shots at “Arm Chair Quarterbacks” who wouldn’t say stuff to his face
  • Buzbee stopped counting after the 10th death threat
  • Buzbee says he lives near McNair family, but wouldn’t know them if he saw them

As promised, trial lawyer Tony Buzbee filed more sexual assault lawsuits in Harris County, Texas on behalf of Jane Does who claim Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson engaged in inappropriate behavior during massage therapy sessions. Lawsuits No. 4-7 were filed on Thursday and follow a similar pattern as the first three lawsuits brought against Watson, who has remained silent on the matter since releasing a statement on Tuesday claiming he’s done nothing wrong.

“As a result of a social media post by a publicity-seeking plantiff’s lawyer, I recently became aware of a lawsuit that has apparently been filed against me,” Watson wrote on Twitter. “I have not yet seen the complaint, but I know this: I have never treated any woman with anything other than the utmost respect. The plaintiff’s lawyer claims that this isn’t about money, but before filing suit he made a baseless six-figure settlement demand, which I quickly rejected. Unlike him, this isn’t about money for me – it’s about clearing my name, and I look forward to doing that.”

Tony Buzbee has ramped up his attacks against Watson by releasing what he says are messages between Watson and at least one of his accusers. The lawyer has also stated that he plans to file nine lawsuits against Watson.

Deshaun Watson lawsuit No. 4: 

This incident allegedly took place in September 2020 at a salon in Houston. Watson allegedly asked the massage therapist “if it was okay if he got aroused.” The woman told Watson to cover himself, and she tried to stay professional until the session was over. “At some point during the session, Watson became aroused and got an erection.”

Watson allegedly caused his erect penis to touch the woman’s hand before laying back on the table and ejaculating.

Watson lawsuit No. 5: 

This incident allegedly took place in June 2020 at a Houston spa. Watson insisted on taking a shower. The masseuse said that was OK as long as he covered himself when he came out. The woman walked out until Watson was finished. She came into the room to perform the massage, and the QB was allegedly completely naked on his stomach. He continuously tried to get the woman to touch his penis, according to the complaint.

Watson lawsuit No. 6:

The massage therapist and Watson agreed to meet at the woman’s office in October 2020. He allegedly pulled on his towel “in an attempt to expose himself to” the woman, the complaint states. The two agreed to another session on November 2. Upon arrival, Watson allegedly kissed the woman without any notice. The woman claims she left the office and went to a friend’s store next door and told the friend what had happened. The massage therapist went back to her office, and Watson was naked. She refused to work “on his buttocks and penis area,” only to be told that Watson would pay extra for that service. The woman declined and claims Watson asked her, “Well, can you do it just for me?”

Watson lawsuit No. 7:

A licensed esthetician claims that she had encounters with Watson in September and October. During one session, the woman claims that Watson flipped over and had an erection and “asked Plaintiff what she was going to do about his erection,” the claim states. During an October incident, the same woman claims Watson tried to put his penis in her hand and asked her if she would touch his penis. He also tried to kiss the woman on the mouth and “was coercing her the entire time.”

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. Well it’s a pattern…either he’s a predator or a lot of masseuses have the same general story. There’s got to be some video or receipts on his tendency to get massages.

  2. I really don’t think he survives this. I really don’t like to convict anyone before they are properly heard, but 7 filed complaints by the same profession suggesting the same behavior just adds up wrong for the dude. Weird fetish though where all he has to do is call a pro. I just don’t get the behavior.

    • Absolutely. Tony Buzbee definitively had a plan to roll out the suits in such a progressive manner that leaves very little room for Deshaun Watson to respond. Foolish that Watson or his attorney did not try to settle this before all of these details come out: now more candidates come out and it is increasingly doubtful that Watson will survive this.

  3. Too much smoke to ignore. But the fact that these women are all utilizing the services of a guy who’s basically the male equivalent of Gloria Allred is not lost on me. The guy obviously has done a good job digging up the victims, and I guess that’s ultimately a good thing.

  4. It’s certainly not looking good for him. However if it is true this is predatory behavior…Nfl career is the least of his worries, this is prison territory.

  5. Assume for a second that all or most of the allegations are true, Watson must have a fetish or compulsion problem. I mean you are a wealthy NFL QB, who is young, not ugly, so why not just show up to the club and surely many groupies would go home with you. There is no need to force any woman to sleep with you. If it’s true Watson you are one dumb motherfucker.

  6. Gotta wonder what David Culley thinks about this. I mean, this is probably the only time he’d ever sniff an NFL head coaching job. At least it’s not some young and/or highly touted coaching prospect getting stuck in this scenario. Houston we have a lot of problems.

  7. Regardless of Watson’s guilt or innocence the way this is being handled is a mockery of justice. Now I suppose guilt can be established by whoever runs the best Twitter campaign? Does that not terrify anyone? It’s garbage, not justice. We have courts for good reason. It is “supposed” to be difficult to convict someone of a crime, not as easy as who can yell the loudest. That’s basically the main difference between civilized and uncivilized. Bring the evidence to a court that presumes the accused is innocent. Prove your case. This practice of trashing someone publicly before they can defend themselves is horrific and ripe for abuse. People don’t seem to realize this is taking steps backwards towards practices we should never want to return to again.

    • this isn’t about guilt or innocence…’s a lawsuit….it’s about the Benjamins. It’s a civil case, Watson could have made this all go away for $1MM ($100K each), while that sounds like a lot, it’s less than $40MM a year and all the endorsements he is losing because it’s starting to look like he did this and did it a lot….

      • I tend to agree with PFreedomNJ in this instance. This is a civil case and the burden for proof is much lower for one (think 51% right versus beyond a reasonable doubt for criminal matters). Secondly, because Watson is a celebrity athlete anything negative in which he is involved will garner attention. So naturally Watson will get trashed by a lot of folks and there will be apologists on the other side. These cases are about money not guilt or innocence. Watson received shitty advice (probably because he told his agent and counsel that these are all fabricated stories) or was too stubborn to settle. That is the problem with pampered athletes all too often they think they are made of Teflon. Wrong.

    • Social media is awful a lot of the times. The prob!ems they’re having finding jurors for the George Floyd trials are another example. Depending on the verdict people are terrified of getting doxxed, death threats, property damage, other family members getting hurt etc…..

    • in the George Floyd murder trial, the city settled with the family of floyd for many $millions while in jury selection. the judge had to disqualify jurors already selected, because that settlement effected their belief of guilt or innocence.

      Civil cases are often filed to compel someone to admit guilt and escape criminal charges.

      Watson chose to fight back, which is fine, but does not mean charges aren’t coming.

  8. its radio silence across all sports media regarding Watson. its creepy to me, that freedom of the press looks a lot like China and Russia press.

    jason macintire on fox radio already proclaimed he won’t cover deshaun’s Watson, because he doesn’t believe any of the claims.

    what happened to ‘#metoo’?

  9. I will stay with my previous comment of “innocent until proven guilty” take the same as I would like it to be for myself and all others out there.
    I sure as hell don’t want to be lumped in with the likes of CNN and MSNBC with their “pick and choose” syndrome and that can also be applied to the sports media..
    Regardless of which it is, Watson will have this issue brought to mind by many every time his name is mentioned.

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