Deshaun Watson Allegations: 14th Lawsuit Filed

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Tuesday, a 14th civil lawsuit was filed against Deshaun Watson, according to documents obtained by ESPN.

Here are the details:

Attorney Tony Buzbee, who is representing over 10 women who have accused Deshaun Watson of sexual assault, is requesting a grand jury to consider criminal sexual assault charges against Watson. The Houston district attorney will decide whether to grant Buzbee’s grand jury request.

Earlier today, OutKick’s Clay Travis said he believes that there’s virtually no chance Watson plays a full season in 2021.

“I would put the chances of Deshaun Watson playing a full season of football anywhere in 2021 at virtually zero,” Clay said during OutKick the Coverage. “And I think it’s possible that Deshaun Watson may not play football again for years. It’s even possible that Deshaun Watson’s football career could be over.”

*This is an ongoing story. Check back with OutKick for more updates.

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