Deshaun Watson Allegations: Tony Buzbee Turning Info Over to Houston PD, Requesting Grand Jury

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Attorney Tony Buzbee says he plans to submit to the Houston Police Department and Houston district attorney affidavits and evidence from several women alleging inappropriate conduct and sexual assault by Deshaun Watson. Buzbee will also request that a grand jury consider the evidence on Monday.

The district attorney will decide whether to grant Buzbee’s grand jury request.

“If granted, the grand jury would then decide, through witness testimony closed to the public, if there is enough evidence to succeed at trial and in turn determine whether charges should be brought against Watson by the state of Texas,” ABC News reports.

Thus far, Buzbee has filed seven lawsuits against Watson, adding on Friday that five more will be filed “in due course.”

“It takes a lot of courage to come forward when you’re dealing with someone powerful,” Buzbee during Friday’s press conference. “Women who are watching this now, know that you can remain anonymous, know that you have a support system, know that we want to hear your story.”

The women in the lawsuits — all of whom are referred to as Jane Doe — are said to be licensed massage therapists.

Watson’s lawyer Rusty Hardin said the QB will publicly address the allegations of sexual assault in the coming days. The NFL announced last week the matter is under review.

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  1. Was gone for the weekend…now it’s up to two dozen? Yeah either Watson is a predator or this is the biggest trying to tank the reputation of a QB by ownership to keep him on the team I’ve ever seen. It’s probably the former.

  2. I wouldn’t have a problem with this guy if he’d have simply made THIS step number one without the preemptive smear campaign. Unfortunately he didn’t do that, has run this like he’s Michael Avenatti, and therefore, I can’t help but be highly suspicious of the allegations. To the evidence.

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